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EFT for overeating and panic attacks

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If you read this insightful article by Dr. Carol Solomon you will gain an appreciation for how a core issue can affect us in more ways than one.

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By Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC

For 10 years, my client “Margie” had panic attacks in the middle of the night (approximately twice a month).  She would wake up startled in the middle of the night and feel “very, very scared … panicked … not knowing what to do.”  She had tightness in her chest and difficulty breathing.  She felt like she was going to jump out of her skin.

Margie’s mother was depressed, very emotional and easily overwhelmed.  Everything was “hard” for her, and whenever something was hard, it threw her off.  She couldn’t handle it and became even more depressed.

Margie grew up telling herself that nothing was going to be hard for her and that she wouldn’t make a big deal out of anything.  Growing up, everything was an issue, so Margie vowed not to let anything get to her.  She thought that if she let anything get to her, it meant she was “weak,” like her mom.

Margie had sought my help to learn EFT for weight loss and overeating.  Her way of getting things done was to eat her way through it.  “I eat 3 cookies, and then I do the laundry.”

Margie thought her panic attacks were triggered by feeling overwhelmed by problems.  Even though she wanted everything to be easy, she was easily flustered and “thrown off” by unexpected events.  She would overeat during the day to cope, but whenever she felt “too emotional,” she had a panic attack at night.  It was a terrifying experience.

Margie used to have to take medication to get back to sleep. Now, she starts tapping right away and it relieves the panicky feeling.

Even though I feel really scared right now…

Even though I feel alone and scared…

Even though I don’t think I’ll get through this…

Even though it feels like the morning will never come…

Even though I feel weak…

Even though I vowed that nothing would ever get to me, and I would always be strong…

Even though it’s important to be stronger than my mother…

Then around the body:

Feeling scared

Feeling alone

Can’t breathe

Feeling overwhelmed

I don’t know what to do

It feels like the morning will never come

I don’t think I’ll get through this

I’m afraid I’ll fall apart

Since I had taught Margie EFT for weight loss, she included those statements in her second round. Notice the similarity between feeling out of control and panicky with her life and feeling out of control with her food and weight loss issues.

Even though I feel like my eating is out of control…

Even though I’m feeling fa…

Even though I’m not strong enough to deal with my problems…

Even though I feel like I’ll never be strong enough and I’ll always be overweight…

Even though I shouldn’t have any issues with my body…

Then around the body:

Feeling scared

Feeling fat

I can’t control my eating

I’m not strong enough

It’s not ok to be weak

I have to be strong all the time

I shouldn’t be having this anxiety attack

I feel like I’m not going to make it

As she started to feel better, she added positive statements and did some deep breathing:

I have a choice. I’m not trapped.

I can choose to be ok.

I can calm down.

I am ok.

I am calm.

Margie views EFT as a “fool-proof method” to short-circuit her panic attacks.  It only takes 1 or 2 rounds to stop the panic attack and get back to sleep.  She has had only 1 attack in the past 4 months, and has not needed any medication.  She has also significantly reduced her overeating.


Carol Solomon, Ph.D. MCC




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