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Other Emotional Issues

Panic And Anxiety

Panic attacks and heart palpitations subside after doing EFT on dreams

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Aileen Nobles displays creative approaches and useful language in this interesting case. Please consult physicians for all medical issues.

Hugs, Gary

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

This is a rather interesting use of EFT working hand in hand with dreams. 

When Jane came into the office she told me she had been plagued for years with two reoccurring nightmares. She was depressed, had heart palpitations and suffered from the occasional panic attack. She desperately wanted to stop having two dreams that really upset her.

The first dream was a toilet dream.  She constantly found herself needing to have a bowel movement, yet every toilet she found was backed up, overflowing and filthy.  She would desperately run from toilet to toilet, finding the same situation wherever she went. Her desperation to relieve herself  grew in intensity, until she would wake up in a sweat with heart palpitations.

The second dream was a nightmare as far as she was concerned. She would find herself walking along a road, when she would notice she was being stalked by someone in dark clothes who looked like a "foreigner."

She would run, and he would run with her, hiding behind bushes and buildings.  She tried to hide but she would hear him coming and start running again trying to escape.  Finally she would wake up, again sweating and experiencing heart palpitations.

In her own life "Jane" had been very passive.  Her husband of many years was very clever with words.  He had a way of blaming her and putting her down about anything that wasn't running smoothly in their family life.

Jane never spoke up.  She swallowed her pain and anger year after year.  She started to feel more and more depressed and began having panic attacks and palpitations.

As our session began Jane requested that we start tapping on her toilet dreams, even though I would have chosen to first focus  on her fear of speaking up, and the suppressed pain and anger. It was okay, as all roads lead to Mecca.

She began gently rubbing her sore spots:

"Even though I have these disgusting and upsetting dreams, its okay, I'm still a terrific person anyway."

"Even though these dreams are trying to tell me something and I'm not listening, its ok, I'm still a pretty great person.

We started on the basic tapping:

"I have carried a lot of garbage inside me that i've stuffed over the years, by not speaking up."

"All this garbage wants to come out, and it deserves to go down the toilet,"

"Perhaps my toilets are overflowing because I haven't released any of my stuff."

"My subconscious and Higher Self are showing me that I need to release this garbage but I can't seem to do it."

"When I try and find a place to relieve myself, its always overflowing, I desperately need to go, and I cant, and I feel panic."

"I see that my need to release all I have inside is essential."

"The stopped up toilets are a mirror of how I am inside."

"I'm ready to release all my anger and pain, and honor myself by speaking up."

"I dont need to have these stuffed up toilet dreams anymore as I release my pent up emotions."

We talked about letting  her husband know how she felt. She decided that she didn't deserve to be spoken to in that tone of voice, and wouldn't accept being blamed anymore.

I had her imagine herself speaking up to him quite calmly, as she tapped on her gamut point. It felt natural and easy to her. We tapped on releasing old hurts and put downs, until she felt clear of
any buried emotions.

She tapped another basic round of:

"If I need to have any more toilet dreams the toilets will be clean and clear for me as I continue to release all my garbage that I have stuffed inside."

"I am now able to speak up and honor myself in a loving and centered way."

"It feels good to express myself , I deserve it."

" As I express myself, I no longer need to experience heart palpitations.  My heart and my love are becoming stronger right now."

We tested Jane with kinesology (muscle testing), and she was strong on choosing, allowing, and deserving.  If any of these had tested weak we would have continued to tap on not allowing or not deserving. In my experience its essential to have agreement  on all levels of our Being with allowing and deserving.

Next we moved to her "nightmare of being stalked and chased."

I explained to Jane that any dark person chasing us or threatening us in any way in a dream, is nothing more than an aspect of ourselves that we have not yet bought into the Light.

I had Jane begin by rubbing her sore spots:

"Even though these dreams of someone stalking me are terrifying, perhaps in some way they are trying to help me, and whatever they are trying to tell me, I can love and accept myself anyway."

We did a couple of basic rounds:

"This feeling of being stalked terrifies me."

"This person feels so dark and scary."

"What if this dark and scary person is a dark part of me I havnt looked at."

"What if this dark and scary person needs help."

"Perhaps this scary part really is a part of me."

"What if I acknowledge the parts of myself that so far I have chosen to keep in the dark."

"Perhaps I will let all my anger come to the surface and release it."

We tapped using the long version. When she reached her little finger as she tapped on the cuticle she said:

"I forgive myself for all my terrible thoughts I have had about my husband that I stuffed inside.  I forgive myself and my husband  for our behavior and for contributing in any way to creating this pain inside of me,"

We went to the karate point.

"I understand my husband did the best he could coming from his limited male perspective."

"I know he loves me."

"If he was blessed with my sensitivity, he would have behaved differently, but he chose to be himself."

"I needed him to be who I wanted him to be, how dare he behave the way he wanted to, instead of the way I wanted him to."

"What right does he have to do it his way?"

She began to laugh.

Tapping on the sore spot:

"Even though there were times when I wanted to strangle him, its ok, I can love and accept myself anyway."

She hadn't mentioned these thoughts to me, but admitted afterwards that she had periodically had them.)

Long sequence:

"I can now release all my guilt at myself for the thoughts I had.  I no longer need to stuff my emotions, I am ready to speak up."

"I'm really terrific, and our marriage will now improve."

"Now I have released my anger, I can open my heart and allow myself to feel more loving toward my husband."

"Life will only get better."

"I am ready now. No more scary dreams...I dont need them any more."

Joan had shut herself down sexually over the years. She used the excuse of menopause being the reason instead of suppressed anger.

It was wonderful to receive her call a week later and hear that she had had no more dreams of being stalked.  She did have a toilet dream where she found a clean and functioning toilet.

She  is now feeling as playful and sensual as she did when she and her husband first got married. Jane has had no palpitations or panic attacks since our last session.

Dreams are always our friends ,and if they seem scary, once interpreted the issues we need to release will free us from the need to experience guidance in this form. EFT offers the quickest way I have ever come across that allows us to utilize the information we are being given in our dream state to release and grow.

Love and Light,


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