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The Unseen Therapist

Optimal EFT: Free e-Book, The Unseen Therapist (One Ultimate Remedy For Everything)

June Neadel quote
You are amazingly brilliant with the concept of "The Unseen Therapist". How you were able to put it in words is incredible.
June Neadel
Mair Llewellyn quote
Your book, The Unseen Therapist, is a huge leap forward in the healing field. I'm so glad you were entrusted to bring it to the world.
Mair Llewellyn
Camille Guyet-Vache quote
After a few sessions with The Unseen Therapist regarding my severely degenerated cervical spine, the pains and discomforts have vanished. I haven’t seen them for a year.
Camille Guyet-Vache
Sonia Novinsky, PhD quote
Gary's book, The Unseen Therapist, is destined to be required reading for every doctor on the planet. It will save lives and dramatically reduce the enormous cost of medicine.
Sonia Novinsky, PhD
Lois Langley quote
I invite The Unseen Therapist several times per day and usually feel a lovely, light tingling running down and throughout my body.
Lois Langley
Carol Smith quote
I am no longer burdened by the childhood thought that I am a victim.
Carol Smith
Kris Wojcieszyn quote
I’ve just finished rereading your invigorating book, The Unseen Therapist, and it is working excellently. My emotions even on quite bad events fade to zero.
Kris Wojcieszyn
Kim Fairrell quote
I’ve all but forgotten what heavy depression is like.
Kim Fairrell
Alice Shapiro quote
The most spectacular results so far has been about my breathing. It is now more regular and opened up.
Alice Shapiro

HIGHLIGHTS: Solid Intro to This New EFT Spiritual Advancement | 50+ "Impossible" Healings | New Personal Peace Procedure | Scientific Proof | The High-End of EFT | For Health Professionals & Serious Self-Help Students | Free Support Available

Choose Among Three Formats to Read This Free E-book:

Unseen Therapist book titleNote: This e-book contains numerous instructional videos that are best accessed with links in an e-book. That is why it is not in print form.

With today's technology there are numerous devices, readers, etc. for reading an e-book. They differ dramatically and no e-book format is universal for everyone. So, for your convenience, this book is offered in three formats. Pick the one that fits best for you.

  • Format #1 (Recommended): Continue reading below (scroll down) and enjoy this free online format. No need to do anything else. Best when read on a desktop/laptop computer. It can also be read on most smartphones and tablets but less conveniently than on a desktop/laptop computer).

  • Format #2: Download a free PDF format that you can read off-line and/or print. Requires a PDF reader but most systems have one. Best when read on a desktop/laptop computer. Cumbersome on smartphones and tablets unless you have a "reflowable" PDF reader.

  • Format #3: Download a free Kindle format that is designed to work on Kindle Readers (the hardware device sold by Amazon). Accordingly, you need to access this website page (the one you are on right now) through your Kindle web browser and then tap on the above link. Because of Amazon's restrictions, it does not work on the Kindle app that you may have downloaded from Amazon. 


Here begins The Unseen Therapist e-book: Free online format  


In this book, you will find the long awaited answer for unlocking your healing power within. Anyone can learn it and, once mastered, "Impossible" Healings emerge. Even beginners can, and do, get impressive results. No drugs, surgeries or other invasive methods involved.

How to read - Table of Contents:

To make reading this electronic book very easy, the Table of Contents appears to the left (you may have to scroll up to see it). While you are urged to read the book from beginning to end, you can skip to desired segments simply by clicking/tapping on the links in the Table of Contents. Also, at the end of each page is a Next: link (like the one below). Use it to conveniently go to the next page.

It's an introduction:

We are climbing a Stairway to Miracles here by engaging the spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist) to provide healing well beyond our expectations. And, as you might expect, the possibilities are so vast that this book can only introduce the basics.

Advanced training available:

High-end training is available for everyone but is particularly valuable for health professionals and serious self-help students. This is described near the end of the book in our chapter entitled, "Where to From Here?"

Essential Free Support:

This book is the beginning to your new adventure and, because it enters new territory, it is consistently expanded with my free support. This includes news, tips, how-to’s, "Impossible Healings," The Stairway to Miracles, the Unseen Therapist at Work, and essential updates. It is the heartbeat of our process and you are invited to join us via the "Signup for Free Support" form below. You can opt-out any time.