Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABIHM endorses EFT

EFT produces remarkable recoveries.

Daniel J. Benor, MD

Gary Craig's Optimal EFT Training Membership (Online)


We are working in the background on a MAJOR EXPANSION of our website. More benefits. More facilities.

As a result, we are not taking new Memberships for now. Check back in July. Hopefully, we will be ready by then! In the meantime, enjoy our current website.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Gary Craig
EFT & OEFT Founder

Kris Wojcieszyn quote
It is working excellent. My emotions even on quite bad events fade to zero.
Kris Wojcieszyn
Lois Langley quote
I am amazed by the differences in me. My health, my attitude, my thoughts, my ability to deal with stress, my acceptance of things outside my control and of myself and others. WONDERFUL.
Lois Langley
Claudia Logan, RN quote
I no longer need, nor take, my thyroid meds.
Claudia Logan, RN
Susan Newman quote
I am very grateful for your work, Gary.  It's genius, and yet, so simply aligned!
Susan Newman
Ursula Koch quote
I'm so excited! You are a phenomenal teacher. I am so grateful that I am able to do this course.
Ursula Koch
Mireille Fruin quote
It is an immense privilege to be your ‘student’ and I appreciate this more than I can say.
Mireille Fruin
Marion Bilich, PhD quote
I’ve been using EFT in my work as a psychologist for over 15 years but adding OEFT to the mix has been a game changer.
Marion Bilich, PhD
Dr. Isabel Reis quote
Almost without fail patients leave with a sense of tranquility. I am overflowing with the Miracle that is The Unseen Therapist - Thank you for bringing Her into my life.
Dr. Isabel Reis
Charles Smithdeal, MD quote
I’m convinced that Gary Craig will ultimately be responsible for more physical and emotional healing on this planet than any mortal person in prior history.
Charles Smithdeal, MD
Diane von der Weid quote
Very helpful. Everything easy to find. I received benefits for sciatica, a stye, childhood traumas, sore throat, headaches and more.
Diane von der Weid