Norm Shealy, Md, PhD, endorses EFT

By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too.

Norm Shealy, MD

Author of Soul Medicine.

Official EFT Practitioners

If you want some help resolving your issues with EFT, including the use of our latest advancement Optimal EFT, these are the professionals I recommend!

They are the only ones to have been (1) trained in Gold Standard EFT Tapping from the source and (2) have demonstrated skills in Optimal EFT. In addition, they continue to use the proper forms of EFT in their practice, rather than adding in potentially distorted modalities and variations from the internet. There are many more first class practitioners that are highly trained, certified from the source, and recommended for their use of Gold Standard EFT Tapping only. They can be found at my daughter Tina Craig's Gold Standard EFT Training site.

While they have different specialties, most of these practitioners can perform EFT for you via Skype or telephone. Thus, you may not need to leave your own home for this high quality EFT experience. Highly recommended.

To obtain professional training at this level of quality, please visit our Certification Page. You can also become a member of our popular Optimal EFT Course.  

Gary Craig, EFT Founder


Sheri Baker, EFT Practitioner

Sheri Baker

EFT & Spiritual Coach
Jacksonville, FL, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Relationships, Stress Management, Anxiety and Emotional Issues

I am pleased to serve as Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the English language. On behalf of the founder, I teach the Complete EFT Curriculum (Optimal EFT, The Unseen Therapist, and Gold Standard EFT). I also use these techniques in private sessions to release a wide variety of emotional and physical issues via phone or Skype, so no travel is involved. I offer my self-paced online study program, Tapping Into the Truth — The Healing Power of Integrating A Course in Miracles with EFT, on my website, and serve as co-host with Gary Craig on the Optimal EFT webinars.

Kathilyn Solomon, EFT Practitioner

Kathilyn Solomon, ACAP-EFT

EFT & Holistic Life Coach
Minneapolis, Minnesota, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Women, Childhood , Phobias, Cravings and Physical Issues

Not sure how you got to the place you're at in life, but are sure that you'd like to make some changes? Ready to be done with knee-jerk reactions, emotional ups & downs, & self sabotage? Whether the challenge is emotional or physical, EFT Gold Standard helps access & antidote core events & patterns driving "today" behaviors, feelings, symptoms, challenges. Kat's tapping was a driver in healing her fibromyalgia. She is author of newly published Gold Standard EFT-inspired book Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT to Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness, practitioner since 2003.

Gabriëlle Rutten, EFT Practitioner

Gabriëlle Rutten, PhD, MD

Actrom Consultancy
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NL Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Abuse , PTSD, Phobias, Stress Management and Anxiety

I am a medical doctor and I have abandoned prescribing medication completely. I use only Gold Standard EFT and Optimal EFT (Unseen Therapist) to resolve the underlying emotional causes of any problem (psychological or physical). You can read my story in Gary's e-book about The Unseen Therapist and hear more about my take on "medical problems" as Gary and I discuss this in his webinars. Finally, I am proud to be the Director the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center for the Dutch language. I do Zoom consultations with people from all over the world.

Kay Christopher, EFT Practitioner

Kay Christopher, ACAP-EFT
Austin, Tx, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Stress Management, Business, Emotional Issues and Performance Issues

EFT works! Although I have been practicing and teaching EFT full time since 2006 I continue to be amazed at what it can do. It's light years beyond traditional methods. Instead of simply knowing what the problem is you can change the way you think, feel, behave and relate. I use both Gold Standard EFT & Optimal EFT with clients, and am a student of Gary Craig's Optimal EFT instruction. With over 30 years experience counseling and coaching I have worked successfully with clients with a wide rage of emotional issues and concerns. I consider the spiritual dimension of life of great importance.

Diane von der Weid, EFT Practitioner

Diane von der Weid

EFTSuisse, Healco SL
Geneva, GE, CH Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in PTSD, Stress Management, Anxiety, Emotional Issues and Performance Issues

Private sessions via Skype or Zoom in English, French, Italian. With either Gold Standard EFT or Optimal EFT I can help you break free from old thinking habits and negative life patterns : live your life to the fullest by changing the way you invest your time and energy! Co-founder of EFTsuisse in 2004, I have trained more than a thousand EFT practitioners in my country and abroad over the years. Today I am pleased to serve as Director of the Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers for the French and Italian (soon to come) languages.

Odet Beauvoisin, EFT Practitioner

Odet Beauvoisin, ACAP-EFT

EFT & Kinesiology Practitioner
Glasgow, Scotland, GB Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Grief/Bereavement, PTSD, Phobias, Digestive Disorders and Stress Management

Odet likes to approach things sensibly and realistically, in a way that is based on practical rather than purely theoretical considerations. She has extensive experience in working with a wide spectrum of clients, addressing a broad range of issues. Adherence to Gold Standard EFT is fundamental to her work.

Tamzin  Freeman, EFT Practitioner

Tamzin Freeman, BSc(Hon) Acupuncture

London, Greater London, GB Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Issues and Performance Issues

Tamzin is an Advanced Practitioner in Gold Standard EFT, this means she is using the most powerful EFT approaches to get the fastest resolution to both physical and emotional discomfort. She has worked with hundreds of people with diverse symptoms, including IBS, endometriosis, depression and anxiety, chronic fatigue and migraine. Tamzin is also a registered Acupuncturist with British Acupuncture Council, so really understand the principles behind EFT - the disruption of energy caused by emotions. She also practices kinesiology - helpful to determine allergies.

Helen P Bressler, EFT Practitioner

Helen P Bressler, MSCP, RN, CPC, EFT

Elite Coaching and Counseling Services
Honolulu, Hawaii, US Visit Website
General Practice, Specializing in Marriage/Couples, PTSD, Stress Management, Emotional Issues and Addictions

I’ve been using EFT since 2003 and am also a counselor and certified professional coach. I’m currently earning post graduate certificates in substance abuse counseling and sex therapy and am working toward a license in Marriage and Family Therapy. My adherence to Gold Standard EFT means that core issues are often the focus. My expertise is in relationship issues/improvement, personal development, PTSD, addiction, and stress management. I am also a General EFT Practitioner. My practice is on Oahu and I am also available via ‘phone or skype.