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Other Emotional Issues

Eating Disorders

A Bulimia "one session wonder"

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

We have many successes with Bulimia. However, most of them are complicated and thus take both persistence and above average EFT skills before the bingeing/purging behavior subsides. Rapid results, while infrequent, can certainly occur and this was the case with Aileen Nobles' recent client. In one professionally applied session, the client went from bingeing & purging twice a day to zero occurrences in the last 6 weeks.

By Aileen Nobles

Hi Gary,

Treating Bulimia is often so challenging and when it works this well it can be an inspiration to other people who may be treating or suffering from this challenge.

About a month ago a client came to me with major anxiety issues. She had reverted back to a bulimic pattern that she has had on and off since she was a teen. She's in her late thirties now. She fully understood the dangers of this behavior but has been eating and purging twice a day for the last four months.

She was very clear as to when it first started. Her mother had been at a birthday party with her and she had eaten too much cake and didn't feel so well. Her mother told her that if she could make herself throw up she would feel better. She did... and, indeed, she felt better!

She also said that she was teased at school about her body, yet if she looked at a photo of herself at school she wasn't fat.

We did a basic round on:

"Even though my mother suggested I throw up if I've eaten too much "I can still completely accept myself."

We did another round on:

"Even though i'm trying to throw up all of my anxiety, fear, and ugly feelings about myself its OK. "I can still completely accept myself."

We did the karate for almost the same wording.

We did the 9 gamut for:

"My mother didn't always suggest the best things for me, and throwing up after eating is one of them." I chose to use "is" instead of "was" to bring it into present time.

We did another round on:

"My mother drank too much and didn't feel good about herself so she put a lot of pressure on me to look and perform a certain way. "(Client was a child actor.)

I then suggested that she relax and imagine a tunnel with all of the negative writings on her mental walls that came from her mother and the children at school. I then had her erase it in her mind's eye as she tapped on her thymus and third eye.

We then started tapping on her issues of anxiety and fear and brought those levels way down.

We went back to "I can't get rid of my fear and anxiety by throwing it up." "It would be much better if I don't overeat in the first place."

We went on to issues of not liking the way she looks. I asked her to tell me what she disliked and liked about her appearance . She focused on disliking her legs, thighs and behind. She suddenly remembered very vividly being called "fat ass" in school. It still triggered a strong reaction as she thought about it.

We tapped on "even though I have a fat ass I don't need to throw up."

I threw in a reframe about the size of Serena Williams rear end and how it was revered by thousands.

We tapped on "even though I think I have a fat ass I can change my perspective."
(She actually has a nice fairly small curved rear end.)

We then tapped on...

"I can easily lose weight by not bingeing. I didn't do a lot of things my mother suggested so why am I holding on to the idea of throwing up after I eat. Eating less is a far better idea."

"I deserve to feel good and take a few pounds off my rear end. I choose to do it in a healthy manner. I allow myself to do this easily."

It's been 6 weeks now and, so far, she has had no desire to binge. Please recall that, before EFT, she was bingeing and purging twice a day. She taps on herself for the anxiety and fear. I just love it when EFT works this well.

Love and Light,


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