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Other Emotional Issues


A textbook depression case--a "one minute wonder" complete with belief changes

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

This creative use of EFT by Mair Llewellyn deserves our attention. It is one of our "one minute wonders" complete with belief changes. A textbook case.

Hugs, Gary

by Mair Llewellyn

Hi Gary,

This release of depression was so short it is difficult to know what really happened. Time will tell whether or not the freedom this client felt will be lasting over time or not. In my experience with previous clients when this happens it appears to be a totally liberating experience. A bit like letting a caged bird go.

Graham's mum rang me to ask if I could help her son with the depression he was feeling. When he arrived his voice was flat and his face was expressionless. I asked him whether this was the first experience he had had feeling this way. He said he had been depressed a couple of years ago when a relationship broke up. He also said that his mum commented on the fact that when he had a photo taken at university six years ago he did not look happy. He was now very unhappy because his current girlfriend and he had split up and his job was on the line.

When I asked him about his family and childhood, emotions quickly came to the surface. So I asked if we could do EFT together to help while these emotions were on the surface. He nodded sadly so we begun tapping together. After rubbing the sore spot, (I did this for him) and tapping the points on his face, he began to calm.

When he was able, he continued to talk while tapping about his feeling of powerlessness as a child and about Mum and Dad arguing all the while. Then he went onto describing a time when Mum had left and of how frightened he felt. He thought that somehow it was his fault that this had happened to his family, that he was unlovable and so on. This process of tapping and talking was a bit like narrating the story and the tapping continuing all in one go--clearing as it went. A bit like an emotional vacuum cleaner clearing the sadness.

GC COMMENT: This is a highly effective method. Those interested might review the "6 Days at the VA" tape included with the EFT Course. In that tape, I used a version of this tapping & talking technique with two of those Veterans with obvious success. I call it the "movie technique" because I ask the client to tell the story of the negative event and stop for tapping whenever they feel intense. It is very effective because the client is obviously "tuned in" to the problem while the tapping is being done.

MAIR CONTINUES: After the clearing of the sadness occurred, Graham continued talking and tapping. However, from here on in he was talking from a very different perspective. Talking from real insight, with obvious understanding, a very different stance but fascinating to observe.

GC COMMENT: This cognition shift is one of the most fascinating features of the tapping procedures. Literal belief changes happen behind the scenes and clients see the whole scenario through a different set of glasses (beliefs). It often takes years (sometimes decades) of talk therapy or other conventional procedures to arrive at this enviable healing place. With EFT, it is often instantaneous. This feature is so important that I often use it as evidence that EFT has been successful. In a way, it is the ultimate evidence.

MAIR CONTINUES: The most interesting part of the process was that he said, "It wasn't my fault about Dad and Mum arguing, as I was only a little kid, too young to be responsible. No wonder I felt insecure throughout my relationships, and devastated when they failed. All my life I have been frightened and sad about life. Now, for the very first time I feel as if the clouds have lifted and the sun is shining". Then after pausing he said. "That's a strange feeling given that the girl I love has left me and my job is coming to an end, but that is actually how I feel." Then he said something that was even more telling, "I won't need to feel those sad feelings ever again".

On reflection it seemed to me that EFT had given this young man access to his own needed insights and the healing process happened spontaneously. No SUD's [0-10 intensity] were taken. (None of this was done as conventional EFT is done yet it worked absolutely brilliantly. What a wonderful, wonderful way to end a grey life ! :-))

GC COMMENT: EFT is a tool to be used in whatever creative ways seem appropriate. Mair's "unconventional" use of EFT is, to me, very creative and well within our wide "boundaries."]

Mair Llewellyn


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