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Other Emotional Issues


A bout of cystitis turns out to be a bout of guilt

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

Any seasoned EFT'er is aware of the emotional causes of our physical ailments. Thus effectively addressing these causes is one of the reasons EFT often works where nothing else will. This is clearly illustrated in this article from Ros Stones of the UK.

Hugs, Gary

By Ros Stones

Dear Gary,

I'm an EFT newbie but have already had many successes and wanted to share my experience of banishing what I always thought of as a persistent bladder infection.

For many years I have suffered from bouts of cystitis.  These start with mild bladder discomfort and frequent urination.  Self-help remedies such as drinking bicarbonate of soda or cutting carbs out of my diet were sometimes helpful in relieving symptoms.  However, with some bouts the pain just increased, leaving me out of action for days, and in the worst cases even urinating blood.

Cystitis is considered to be a bacterial infection and is commonly treated with antibiotics so I wondered if EFT could really banish it.  I tapped away a bout of cystitis only a week after reading the manual, but didn't at that time identify the emotional cause of it, so realised it was probably going to come back, and sure enough, that happened on a weekend.

My husband has a chronic illness that means he is easily exhausted.  As research for some work I am doing, I needed to visit a place that is only open to the public two days a year, and those two days were this weekend.  I work hard during the week (harder since my husband became too ill to work) so our weekends are precious.  So that we could spend the day together, my husband and daughter came with me.

About an hour of walking was involved and on the way back to the car, my husband started having real problems with his legs, which he reported as being very tired.  After we got home I started cooking tea, and my husband said he hoped I wouldn't mind but he needed to lie down upstairs for a while.  I didn't mind at all and asked him to please go and rest.

Then, as I was standing there cooking, I felt a heaviness in my bladder and an urge to go to the bathroom - the first signs of cystitis.  I stopped cooking and tapped for This discomfort in my bladderThe first signs of cystitis.  As I was doing so, a thought arose that I felt really guilty about dragging my husband around after me.

Even though I feel really guilty about dragging my husband around after me…

Even though I don't feel I deserve anyone to put themselves out for me…

The discomfort and need to urinate disappeared.  I thought about all the other times I've had cystitis really badly and it was always a time when I felt really guilty.  

The worst one ever was when I had a chance to see my favourite tennis player play in the Wimbledon's Men's Final.  I had only recently met my husband (then my boyfriend) and he offered to look after all three of my sons, who were then very young and quite a handful, and get up at 4 in the morning to drive me there so I would be in the queue early and have a chance of getting in. 

Cystitis developed almost as soon as I accepted the offer and got worse while I was queuing for tickets.  It got so bad that by the time the match started I was in extreme discomfort.  It was agony to sit still on my seat - I was jigging with pain - and felt I needed to urinate the whole time.  It was impossible to concentrate on the match, as I was so aware of the feeling in my bladder, and felt I had to go to the toilet every five minutes (missing alternate games).  This completely ruined my enjoyment of the match.

Now I realise that cystitis is my way of physically manifesting guilt, it's no wonder I had cystitis so badly that day!  And it also explains why I often get it when I'm on holiday.  Now, I need never get it again.  And just to think, I've taken antibiotics for this in the past.

I wonder how many other bacterial infections will turn out to be the body playing out negative emotions?

Ros in the UK


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