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Other Emotional Issues


Hair loss and facial blemishes fade after EFT relieves important emotional issues  -- Depression too!

Important Note: This article was written prior to 2010 and is now outdated. Please use my newest advancement, Optimal EFT. It is more efficient, more powerful and clearly explained in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist™.  Best wishes, Gary

Hi Everyone,

There are some important messages in this article written by Cacina Spaeth from Munich, Germany.  Not only are there some impressive results involved but there is also glowing evidence of the occasional subtle (read powerful) nature of EFT.

Sometimes people get over their issues so rapidly and efficiently that they don't even recognize that healing occurred.  It is obvious to everyone else but, to the client, it is as though they never had the problem in the first place.  When reminded of the problem they can usually recognize the healing.  But sometimes they DO have to be reminded.


Hugs, Gary

By Cacina

Dear Gary,

My husband, Anders, is a singer and voice coach. Two months ago he asked me to have a talk with a student of his. Karen (not her real name) is in her twenties. She has an incredible voice, and has taken voice lessons for several years now, working as a dental hygienist in "real life".

Karen was always very energetic and alive, with vibrant, curly long hair. But this past summer she started losing her hair, seemingly out of the blue. Simultaneously her flawless skin began to create nasty, watery pimples on her nose and chin. And even though she consulted many doctors, being tested and x-rayed for just about everything ... none of these experts even had a clue what was wrong with her and what to do.

They were basically groping around in the dark, and the last doctor she had seen told her to come back in 8 weeks for more tests. How comforting! Having lost about half of her hair already, this perspective was not really an option for Karen because she would risk being bald by Christmas. In her despair and with no solution in sight she even began to look at wigs. Imagine! And so I (the still learning newbie to EFT) agreed to meet with her for a try-out session, knowing I couldn't make it any worse....

Karen was in a miserable emotional condition and was on the edge of a nervous breakdown. My intention was to show her the basics of EFT so that she could apply it for herself as often as possible. I told Karen that EFT had been successful in the past on both physical and emotional issues where nothing else seemed to help, but I also didn't make any promises.

After briefly demonstrating the points to her I asked her how her life had been around the time when the hairloss and the skin problem began. She knew right away: It all started in summer after auditioning for a music academy. Even though her audition went very well and despite her truly unique soprano voice she was told that she is "too old" to study voice and become a singer. (Can you believe that??)

Sharing her experience with me was painful for Karen. For the most part I just listened. And while Karen was basically crying her heart out, I just tapped on her. Around and around. No specific sentences, just giving her the space to vent and express her feelings. I didn't ask for any intensity levels. But when she had calmed down considerably I became more specific.

During the ongoing tapping she had already expressed her deep despair about maybe never finding a way to become a singer. Not at this academy, not at another academy, just nowhere.... And so I asked her: "Were you ever told before that you can't do what you love?"

This question put us in the midst of a seemingly long row of broken dreams (both small and big). Karen grew up in Eastern Germany. The kindergarden she went to belonged to the theatre of her hometown. She grew up amongst dancers, actors and musicians, and she loved everything about it. First in kindergarden and then in her early years of school she was always part of some performance somewhere. That kind of life was natural to her, and she was happy.

But when she was around 8 years old her mother decided for her that becoming an artist was out of the question. If I remember right her family even moved away from that town (and the theatre). And losing everything she loved broke Karen's heart. But she still was a good dancer. She truly loved to dance, and somehow found a way to pursue her passionate talent. Between teenager and young adult she really went for it, trained a lot and decided to become a professional dancer. Only this time around it wasn't her mother who said "no". It was her knees. I don't know the exact circumstances but she somehow injured her knee(s), and the decision once again was made by some outside "higher power" (a doctor). And Karen was told that she would never be able to have a career as a dancer....

While Karen was sharing her experiences with me, I again just kept tapping on her, giving her the space to express her hurt, her despair, her hopelessness, and her feelings of powerlessness towards "something out there" that would never allow her to be happy in life, doing what she loves the most.

The entire session took about 1.5 hours. Towards the end it was very obvious that Karen had released a load of withheld feelings. But whether or not we had achieved anything at all for her current hairloss and skin problem.... -- hmmm, maybe for that we would have to meet again. I really didn't know. I only knew that for today she had had enough. Karen seemed to be calm, but she was done. And so we agreed that she would call me up again.

But she didn't. Many weeks passed, and I didn't hear a thing from her .... until I met her last week by coincidence after she had just finished a voice lesson with my husband. The moment she saw me her whole face lit up, and she immediately came rushing towards me, with a big hug and a big "thank you!!". I was taken by surprise. And even though it was pretty obvious that something must be "real good" I was eager to know how she had been ever since, and so we went for a brief cup of coffee.

Well, Gary, are you ready? Her hairloss and her skin problems ended with one singular EFT session. For good. Can you imagine that?? :))

And that's what she told me: Already during her first hairwash after our session Karen noticed a distinct difference: No hair in the sink. No more hairloss. And now, sitting in this cafi about 2 months later and with a big, happy smile Karen showed me still short, but rather strong and newly grown hair all over her skull. And her skin? Flawless. Not a trace of pimples whatsoever.

Listening to Karen I was truly amazed about what had happened. But considering the stunning result I actually began to doubt if this miraculous success could have possibly been caused by the "little tapping" we did. The amazing physical result just seemed "far too big" for my belief system.

However, in the meantime I'm rather certain that it really was the EFT we did. First of all, Karen didn't see any doctor since then, she had not done or tried any other method or therapy, she didn't take any medicine, herbs or whatever other remedy. But what convinced me the most: When I asked Karen why on Earth she didn't call me to share her wonderful news, you know what she said, Gary? "I didn't think of calling you." :))

That's it. That's when I knew that it was EFT. As you have pointed out so often on your DVDs: The change that EFT can bring about is so real and so genuine that people literally "forget" how bad their situation/problem was. They "forget" the most obvious things (e.g. calling up to share the great news).

By the way, a few months ago I experienced the exact same phenomena: A medical doctor I know had been seriously depressed for months after having yet another "promising" relationship ending on him. I don't know him that well. But he was down and depressed to a degree that I began to worry a little about him, especially after he confessed, "Cacina, I simply don't get my wings up anymore".

Well, without having been asked I simply told him that "I know something that might help", I offered him a "trying out EFT session", and he said yes. We tapped for about an hour on his severe depression and loneliness, and he had many deep sighs of relief.....

The session was over, and I didn't hear from him even though he had promised to call. But when I had to call him up for another reason several weeks later I asked him how he was doing. He told me that he still hasn't found out why he doesn't seem to be able to have a good relationship. But, just for the records, UNDERSTANDING this had not been the issue we had tapped on. We had done EFT on the severe depression he suffered. Remember? .... "Oh, THAT? Well, the depression is gone. But that's not the problem: I wanna know why I can't have a good relationship..." And on he went. He didn't even notice, Gary, that he wasn't depressed anymore.

To me this kind of shift is the biggest miracle of all. For when we succeed with EFT the change (in our thinking, in our perception, in our brain with its neuronal net) is so profound that our former problem literally is "out of our mind". Literally. What a gift!

And back to Karen: If I were to tell what exactly in our little EFT session stopped Karen's hairloss .... beats me, Gary. No idea. I can only assume that we must have been tapping around enough in the midst of her related core issue. And with that "cutting the tree" in question, not even knowing all the way what "forest" we're in.

But this is also what excites me so very much about EFT: You don't need to know everything before it works. There simply is no "smart trick", no guaranteed and most often boring "if/then technique" one can apply. It's all about getting out of the way as much as possible. It's about being open and vulnerable, about risking to have "no idea" and being lead by intuition instead.

And it's about trusting that whatever thread the subconscious presents to start with, that this thread eventually WILL lead to the related "fried wiring" of the zzzzzzzzzztttt. To me this is an incredible adventure, every time. And I love learning, exploring and doing it.

I love this magical and elegant tool!

Love, Cacina


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