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Spiritual Experiences

Meet Ray Kinman (Near Death Experience)

An articulate description 

"The perpetual unfolding of now."
"We are floating spheres of awareness."

 You will love this man. 

Ray Kinman is an artist, musician AND... someone who articulately speaks of his age 9 Near Death Experience (NDE). While these extraordinary spiritual experiences vary from person to person, Ray's largely mirrors mine from 1988.

It has been my real challenge to tell others (including you) about this profound entry into our true reality. What words do we have, for example, for infinite love with no boundaries whatsoever? How do we explain what it's like to experience no time (e.g. no past or future) and no space? And can we even imagine a state so pure that anger, fear, guilt, death and disease are impossible... and ONLY love/joy exists?

We are limited by language and there are no words that even approach this exquisite state. And yet it is just this state of ultimate love... ultimate healing... that we strive to achieve with Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist.

Fortunately, Ray has produced the best explanation I've yet to hear and it is unfolded for you in his video. He uses terms like, "The perpetual unfolding of now" and "we are floating spheres of awareness" to point us in this direction.

Please spend time with his video. It is one hour long but the essence occurs in the first 30 minutes. Engaging... like a book you can't put down. Gratitude to Sue Wilson for bringing Ray to our attention.


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