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What Was The Real Cause Of These Pains?

"There was a lot of intensity, emotion around that issue which subsided after couple of rounds of work with The Unseen Therapist."

Hello Gary,

Here is a another example of cases where the cause for pains doesn't seem to be what it appears to be and how The Unseen Therapist brings peace to provide relief all around.

The purported cause of pains was an incident of a lung clot as all problems started after that in the sequence of events. However, as you will see the real cause involved unresolved emotional issues.

Love and Light, Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia


My client, a young adult female, had a clot in the lungs some months back and ever since that recovery, has been very tired with pains and aches all over the body, low energy, sleep issues etc.

Sessions Summary

First Call:

We connected over phone for a short chat wherein my client highlighted sleep issues and pains and aches in the body, chest , back legs etc. We decided to connect for a session, with some healing starting in the background.

First Session:

From our last conversation, we talked about her sleep to see if it has improved. She mentioned she had slept the previous day before our session easily and probably the sleep was better but this could be because of other things and not necessary our healing efforts.

We started with the back stiffness and then other aspects, like pain in the back and chest, were also discussed.

I then talked to her about what is that she doesn't like about herself. There was some conversation around it and then we moved on to an event which was very traumatic for her emotionally.

This was an issue from the 6th grade. Basically, I asked her to run it like a movie since she felt she wanted to do this internally rather than voice it out loud. There was a lot of intensity, emotion around that issue which subsided after couple of rounds of work with The Unseen Therapist. There was relief in the back stiffness and pain also to some extent.

After the stiffness on the back we also worked on the chest pain. There was some relief but we had to end the session.

At the end of the session we checked on the specific event we had worked on with The Unseen Therapist. Happily, there was no emotional charge to it and the other person involved in it was not really important to the issue anymore.

Follow up after a couple of days:

Chest pain Still there to some degree, but she had a strong feeling that this was healing. She felt more at peace but her back stiffness resolved while the back pain stayed. we decided to connect for another session.

Next Session:

Feedback: Sleep Getting better, felt well rested. No drained out feelings. Hadn't slept like that for a long time.

I asked her to connect to the event that we worked on in the previous session, could not connect. Good. Solid resault.

Back stiffness was resolved

Back pain still - 6.5-7 (Scale of 10)

Chest pain still - 7-8

Important specific event:

While connecting to Unseen Therapist we brought peace to an important specific event from high school where no one stood up for the her, especially the person she considered her hero. As this intensity faded, the back pain reduced and chest pain also reduced considerably to a 2. One more round and the chest pain was resolved.

Then the back pain moved to a new place around the area where ribcage ends.

She also saw something like a comma where she was actually having the back pain. We spoke about where she may have taken a pause, stopped in life. It was she moved from one country to another.

This brought up another event which, of course, we worked on with The Unseen Therapist. As a result, the back and chest pains were reduced to faint murmurs or discomfort.

We also worked on ankle and leg pains which were 7-8 intensity again. At one point in the session she felt the pain was gone. This was the first relief in a very long time. The stiffness was there though.

As we ended the session, she felt much lighter and at peace, more liberated.

Hope others find this useful, Jagjeet.


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