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Did The Unseen Therapist Fix Monica's iPhone?

"I carefully tried again, and… puff! The phone gave a sort of shake and was normal again!"

Note from Gary:

We cannot prove or disprove whether or not The Unseen Therapist fixed Monica's iPhone. However, I have had similar experiences where my frozen, corrupted computer suddenly came back to life after calling on The Unseen Therapist. She has also helped me find my lost keys within one minute of calling on Her (two occasions). No guarantees, of course, but certainly worth a try if you are having problems with inanimate objects.

Also, Monica is a diligent Member of our OEFT Course and has achieved many benefits on her journey up our Stairway to Miracles.

Monica's message:

Hi Gary,

I just have to tell you what just happened!

My iphone got stuck.

It wouldn’t move from an article I was reading, it couldn’t go back on the previous page or go forward, it was just fixed on an image and I could not use it for calling someone or to read my mail, nothing!

When I tried to turn it off, so as to initialize it later (pressing together the right button with one of the volume buttons), it gave a sort of an alarm sound, making me fear things could worsen.

I began resigning to wait for the battery to run out, so as to reinitialize the phone, when I thought I could try to call the Unseen Therapist to unlock the phone.

So I closed my eyes, breathed and called on the Unseen Therapist to work on the phone as if it was a part of my body (in a way it is, nowadays, isn’t it? LOL).

A few seconds later, I tried again to press the two buttons to turn the phone off, and it didn’t emit the alarming sound as before. Ok, good! I carefully tried again, and… puff! The phone gave a sort of shake and was normal again!

Isn’t it incredible? Though, I thought “as it is part of my field, it can work!” And it did

Warm greetings,

Monica Amarillis


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