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"She's cancer free!"

Hi Everyone,

Gratitude to Rita Lee for sharing her use of The Unseen Therapist in behalf of her sister-in-law's lung cancer. Note this was one her first tries. Not everyone should expect this beginner's result but it does point to our immense possibilities.

Always consult physicians on medical issues.

e-hugs, Gary


Greetings Gary,

Three weeks ago, my husband called me (I've been in Chicago for 3 months doing remodeling on our second home) to bring sad news about my sister-in-law. He stated that she was in the hospital undergoing various tests because they had found something in her lungs. I was assuming it was a cancerous lump/tumor because she's a heavy chain smoker and she's an emergency room nurse!

My husband is very close to his sister and for the first time he asked me to do "surrogate tapping healing" for his sister. My husband knew I did tappings for my oldest brother which saved his kidneys (at the time I believe he was at 7% - he is now at 70% through continuous tappings). I also helped a lot of my friends heal through surrogate tappings.

At any rate, I've never stopped following you and read about The Unseen Therapist but never really felt anything the few times I tried it so I just kept tapping instead. But this time, I read your entire book on Her and thought it is time to learn it! So, I started to devote time to learn and trust Her and called on Her in my sister-in-laws behalf.

I heard nothing from my husband until last week when he clarified that his sister has lung cancer! I told my husband to think positive as I work with this new way of healing. My husband is devastated that nothing was helping his sister. I asked him to "trust that The Unseen Therapist will not let him down and to think positive!"

Yesterday afternoon, my sister in law called him. She said, "doctors were not sure what happened to her tests but her tumors have shrunk and the cells have grown smaller. 

Long story short, doctors told her she's cancer free but would like to perform surgery to remove the tumor followed by chemotherapy just to play safe. Of course my husband was very happy but now he's worried about her going through surgery and chemotherapy! Again, he asked me to keep working on her, lol! He is now a believer!  GC COMMENT: Another alternative for the doctors to consider is to keep working with The Unseen Therapist and see if the tumor disappears. Use surgery and chemotherapy as a last resort.

Through calling on The Unseen Therapist I wasn't quite sure if I was doing it right but I saw bright lights each time. The biggest obstacle for me was to trust Her and the process. so I did major tappings before I started sending my sister-in-law surrogate healing via The Unseen Therapist.

Thank you Gary for bringing and sharing this healing knowledge to all of us!!!

Rita Lee


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