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"Impossible" Healings

Far-Reaching "Impossible" Benefits


Definition of "Impossible":

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Impossible HealingHere are some of the far-reaching benefits of The Unseen Therapist as experienced by Sharon Clegg. Sharon is a Member of The Optimal EFT™ Course - Online Training From the Founder and, as such, has developed advanced skills. Accordingly, non-members may be unfamiliar with some of her terms (e.g. Sandi Self-Help videos, Thoroughness Tips, Advanced Lessons, etc.). Nonetheless, the overall message should be clear.

While other methods may bring relief to some of the issues listed below. I know of no other method that will do all of them in this high-level, far-reaching manner. Thus another "Impossible" Healing.


Dear Gary,

Having studied the 'Sandi Self-Help' videos several times already (obtaining good results each time), I heard from you that you had added 'Thoroughness Tips' to the whole series - this got my interest so I thought I'd have a look.

When I began with the Sandi videos, I watched them all through once without doing anything other than noting down the Advanced Lessons you recommend that we review. I then watched those lessons prior to beginning the series again.

Despite having found new aspects to my own issues each time I watched on previous occasions, this time, I found yet more new aspects and thus, more specific events arose for me to work on. I have to admit to becoming quite obsessed as I obtained good results, and once I'd started the series I continued until I'd finished it!

I seem now to have a very different baseline setting which I enumerate below.

Finally, I cannot stress enough, the importance of practice.

1. An underlying constant anxiety has totally disappeared. I am only aware of this now that it's gone and could not have described it when it was with me every day for such a long time.

2. Clarity and focus of mind are now my normal state of being rather than something I strive to find.

3. Life has a flow that is calm, comfortable and effortless.

4. Any annoyance that arises in me dissolves quickly and seemingly effortlessly - as soon as I acknowledge it.

5. I achieve more in my day. It seems that time expands and each task is easily completed.

6. Energy levels are significantly increased and my sleep requirements have lessened.

7. I now KNOW that I am lovable and also that I am not a bad person - these were issues for me in the recent past.

8. My husband is experiencing very similar changes also. GC COMMENT: This is an "Impossible" Healing all by itself. The Unseen Therapist is capable of extending healing to others... and does so.

9. A myriad of additional 'tiny' changes which have huge impact on my emotional wellbeing daily.

10. My communication with Unseen Therapist has improved in every way.

Gary, I believe that you are Unseen Therapist personified. You are the most selfless and giving human being I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I do not have adequate language to express my thanks for the gift you have bestowed on me and the rest of our world. Sincere thanks and gratitude.

Love and hugs,

Sharon Clegg


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