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Questions and Answers

Will Drugs Interfere With PTSD Treatment?


Gary ... my stepson is suffering from acute PTSD after being released from prison after sixteen years and he has currently been prescribed medical marijuana to treat his symptoms. Will I be able to effectively work with him through EFT while he's using this medication or will he be too desensitized to work with?

Thanking you in advance for any thoughts on this subject. I couldn't find anything on the internet.


Gary Craig logoI have often worked with people, including those with acute PTSD (e.g. war veterans), while they were simultaneously on a boatload of meds... pain meds, anxiety meds, depression meds, and so on. The only times I recall meds being a problem for getting results with EFT was when the meds actually caused one or more symptoms.

If, for example, the drugs' side effects caused vomiting, insomnia, dizziness or a host of other symptoms, the best we could do with EFT was to temporarily abate the symptom. However, as the client continued to take the prescribed drug(s), the unwanted symptoms would persist. Obviously, if you continue to cause a problem, it is common sense that the symptoms will remain.

Please know that I have no medical training and thus I can only give you my experience as a non-doctor. Accordingly, I don't think medical marijuana will be in the way of obtaining results unless, of course, he is so zonked out that he can't cooperate. Otherwise, I see no problem in using EFT (particularly our latest advancement, Optimal EFT (OEFT)) in addressing your Stepson's PTSD. I must caution, however, that acute PTSD requires a High-End application of EFT by someone trained at the highest levels. In the hands of an amateur or a modestly trained EFT'er, your stepson can "abreact" and develop additional problems.

So proceed with common sense.

Hope this helps, Gary

PS: With advanced training in Optimal EFT, there is a good chance you can help your stepson surrogately and likely avoid abreactions. See below for details.

PPS: Please consult physicians on all medical issues.


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