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Did The Unseen Therapist rescue Daniela's aunt from death?

As you develop your skills with The Unseen Therapist, you will gain increasing confidence in Her abilities... even to the point of trying it on the "impossible." Daniela Vitale did this for her aunt's serious, life-threatening infection with impressive results. Note how Daniela received a personal benefit from her efforts in helping others.  

Dear Gary,

Recently, I was in Italy on holidays and had the chance to try Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist. At that time my aunt (75 years old), who had undergone surgery for bowel cancer in March, was fighting a very severe infection that had spread in all her body and even reached the heart.

She had been in the hospital for a month and in the summer her condition was very, very bad. She had lost 20 kg (and she was never fat) and was unable even to turn in her bed. The doctors decided to try a new surgery in her bowel to stop the infection, giving her a stoma.

The chances that she would survive weren’t high and even less that she would recover because her heart was very, very weak because of the infection.  I decided to do Optimal EFT for her at a distance.

I walked each morning on the beach and while walking I was doing Optimal EFT for her. I scanned all her body, as I didn’t know where the real problem was, flushing it with the love of The Unseen Therapist, and I imagined her, her family and all my family in a large ball and infusing everyone with love. I strangely was never afraid the she would die, even if I usually am very, very pessimistic with this kind of things. Even when my niece told me that she was very afraid that her mother wouldn’t survive till the next morning, I answered her that she shouldn’t worry, everything would work out for the best. And it did.

Was it because of Optimal EFT? I don’t know for sure, but that is what I feel.

GC COMMENT: Obviously, we cannot know if The Unseen Therapist provided the healing. However, I see too many stories like this to ignore this likelihood.

My aunt survived, went home, started a long rehabilitation and now, after a year, she is quite ok physically.

Also, I’m unable to swallow any pill, no matter how small. I often thought about using EFT for this problem, however I never did. And yet, in the time when I was doing Optimal EFT for my aunt and others, I found myself magically able to swallow even big pills.

GC COMMENT: This also happens a lot. Remember, we are all One and thus, as we help another, we often notice benefits for ourselves.

I thank you for all you have done for people and I wish you all the best,

Daniela Vitale