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"Impossible" Healings

A Remedy for Diane's "Impossible" Thin-Walled Blood Veins


Definition of "Impossible": 

Where neither medicine nor any other man-made method has a true remedy for an ailment.

Diane's ailment: 

Lower Leg Pain
Diane's lower leg pain

For all her adult life, Diane von der Weid could not stand for any lengthy period without having significant pain in her lower legs. Her doctor, a specialist, told her it was because her blood veins were "thin-walled" and thus could not properly help her heart pump blood uphill from her legs. Further, said the doctor, she was stuck with this problem because it was both congenital and hereditary (her mother had the same ailment).

Accordingly, medicine had no remedy for her. No drugs. No surgical procedure. Nothing. It is among the many "Impossible" issues that The Unseen Therapist can handle routinely (assuming proper communication).

EFT Tapping didn't help either: 

Diane is thoroughly skilled in all forms of EFT as she and her husband, Alain, are co-Directors of my Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers in the French language. So, naturally, she tried the tapping form of EFT on her leg pains... but got only temporary results.

The remedy - The Unseen Therapist:

About three months ago, Diane was having emotional distress over the major responsibilities involved in representing EFT skillfully through the aforementioned "Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center." Accordingly, Diane and Alain successfully worked together with ImpossibleOptimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist for Diane's understandable stress. Problem resolved and, along with that success... her leg pains vanished.

Please note that Diane's blood-vein issue was not even thought of during this session. Rather, the session was aimed solely at Diane's emotional issue. After the session, Diane felt "something unusual" happening within her and laid down for 15 or 20 minutes. After that, all symptoms of her leg pains vanished. She even conducted a five day EFT workshop (on her feet most of the time) with no symptoms whatsoever.

At this point, we don't know what part of Diane's emotional issue contained the cause of her leg pains but, with it resolved, the leg pains (thin-walled blood veins) no longer had a reason to be.

This is a dramatic example of how The Unseen Therapist's power is unlimited and why the term "Impossible" is not in Her vocabulary. One proper session with The Unseen Therapist (it usually takes more) served to...

  1. Resolve an important emotional issue.
  2. Resolve a decades-long physical issue.
  3. Do both of the above without drugs, surgeries or side effects.
  4. Do all this without any financial charges from The Unseen Therapist. She's free.

Expand your skills:

To me, it is imperative that every healing professional and every motivated self-help client climb Our Stairway to Miracles and master this essential art. Without it, you are putting unnecessary limits on the healing process. If you haven't already done so, I urge you to expand your skills by joining our Optimal EFT Course Membership - Online Training From the Founder​.and graduating from there to our Complete EFT Certification.

Video interview:

Here's Diane's video interview describing it all.

e-hugs, Gary


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