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The Stairway To Miracles

True Healing

Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

What is True Healing:

The Unseen Therapist doesn't define healing as we do. Her version is more powerful because She aims at the ultimate cause of all ailments... the belief in separation. This lines up beautifully with the stunning findings of quantum physics (everything is connected) and offers an entirely new (and refreshing) look at True Healing.

CureWe tend to think of healing in terms of the body. That is, we think healing occurs when tumors subside, headaches vanish, pains fade, vision improves and so on. Accordingly, we spend vast amounts of money for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, surgeries and radiation, all of which are aimed at improving the health of the body. 

And none of this actually cures anything.

Sure, we may get welcome bodily relief along the way and that may seem to be a cure. However, until we recognize who we really are, there will always be another ailment that waits around the corner to replace the one that just subsided. This endless cycle of temporary "cures" repeats itself over time as our bodies age, organs diminish and we appear to eventually die. The higher we climb on our Stairway to Miracles, the clearer this becomes.

True healing is of the mind, not physical:

  By contrast, The Unseen Therapist thinks of healing in terms of the mind. Think about it. It is our minds that chose the belief in separation. It wasn't our toes, lungs or kidneys. And thus it is our minds that manifested our bodies (the ultimate symbols of separation) and their pains, pleasures, traumas, fears and the like.

To reiterate the findings of our premiere scientists...

...separation is impossible.

At the atomic level everything is connected into a large Oneness soup. Our seemingly separate bodies, then, reflect a nonsensical belief in the impossible.  Accordingly, the mind that believes in separation is in need of correction. To newcomers, this Oneness idea seems absurd. However, our most prestigious science gives it credibility and thus, once properly understood, it is absurd to think otherwise.

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

This correction of this belief in separation is the healing goal of The Unseen Therapist. As we gradually recognize that our bodily experience is a dream then Spiritual Peace (Love) can enter our systems and cure everything.  Actually, cure is not really the right word.  Properly understood, our physical ailments will fade as it is recognized that they are fictions.

Does this mean that we should forsake all human remedies and retreat to a mountain top where we can live forever in a "Bliss Abyss?"  That's a choice, of course, but it seems a bit impractical for most people. Easier to start with a few simple principles and move our way up the Stairway to Miracles in a step-by-step manner.

Surface Healing vs. True Healing:

While True Healing is our ultimate goal, we must be realistic and accept that we are simply climbing a Stairway to such Miracles. The destination is in front of us and we will certainly make our mistakes along the way. Thus, even though some of your earlier attempts at healing may appear substantial, the likelihood is that they do not yet reflect True Healing and thus represent a form of surface healing.

This is okay. You haven't done it "wrong." Nor are you defective, inadequate or any of the other labels we sometimes lay upon ourselves. You simply have more to learn. There is no hurry. Take one step at a time. Walk on velvet with the understanding that The Unseen Therapist has infinite patience. Love has nothing to do with time so stub your toe and try again. Enjoy the process and giggle a bit on your journey up the Stairway to Miracles.

e-hugs, Gary


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