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Questions and Answers

Can Gary's "Spiritual Gifts" Shrink My Fibroids?

You can develop your own "Spiritual Gifts."

Hi Gary,

Spiritual Gifts
You can develop your own "Spiritual Gifts"

Though I found several articles on this topic, I choose to write to you per my inner guidance. Below is the history.

  • Have multiple Fibroids with the largest measuring around 10 cm X 9 cm approx and another one measuring a little less.
  • Multiple others measure smaller in size; resulting in a "grossly enlarged uterus" (medical term) which is twice its normal size.
  • The pressure of the Fibroids has started impacting my kidneys (which is the core reason for medical attention).
  • Current guidance from doctors is removal of my uterus.

Now you probably figured why I'm writing to you. I truly want to shrink the Fibroids the natural way rather than get them removed. Is there a way in which you can personally help, through your spiritual gifts?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

"Nancy" (name withheld for privacy reasons)


Hi Nancy,

Thank you for writing and I'm honored that you asked for my help.

However, it isn't my "spiritual gifts" you need. Let me explain.

Fibroids have a cause. However, according to, that cause is not known, at least not by the medical profession. This is true for the vast majority of our physical ailments. That is why the medical profession tends to treat symptoms.

Although surgically removing the Fibroids may bring you welcome relief (and cost an estimated $10,000 to $20,000+), I don't see how that can remove the cause. Accordingly, with the cause still in place, the Fibroids can someday reappear... or... manifest some other ailment (symptom).

With Optimal EFT we consider the cause for our various ailments to be unresolved emotional issues. Thus, the various forms of anger, resentment, guilt, fear, grief, etc. that we all collect over a lifetime create "negative chemistry" throughout our bodies. These eventually show up in unwanted physical forms; Fibroids being but one of thousands of possibilities. We have loads of examples of this. See our "Impossible" Healings

So I suggest that, for best results, you search for, and resolve, the offending and peace-sapping emotional issues underlying all this. This way you can customize this true healing to your own circumstances and generate levels of personal peace that few attain.

I can help you learn this essential skill at high levels but can only give you broad pointers in this letter. That's why I created the Optimal EFT Course Membership. It will take diligence and some investment on your part but, once learned, you will have a lifelong tool to help yourself, and others, with a nearly unlimited list of issues (now and in the future). You can, indeed, develop your own “spiritual gifts.”

Alternatively, you could seek the help of one of our High-End EFT Practitioners.

Hope this helps, Gary

PS: Please continue consulting physicians on all medical issues.

 © Gary Craig
All Rights Reserved


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