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Questions and Answers

Comparing EFT Tapping With Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist)

Gary Craig logo1. Both methods use specific events but differ widely in how peace is brought to those specific events. EFT Tapping does this by mechanically tapping on meridian points whereas Optimal EFT directly invites the peace of the spiritual realm (The Unseen Therapist). One involves man-made tapping while the other brings in God. No real comparison here.

2. EFT Tapping often requires detailed "detective work" to find the cause underlying challenging issues. This can take a LOT of time and, after all that, you may not find the true cause. Optimal EFT, by contrast, allows you to ask the Ultimate Wisdom (The Unseen Therapist) directly and thus get to the true cause in short order.

3. EFT Tapping provides a method for "Borrowing Benefits" wherein one person "taps along" with another in an effort to gain parallel healing. This popular method provides beginner's evidence that we are connected and have, at the core, very similar issues. Fabulous. Optimal EFT, on the other hand, constantly echoes the Oneness Reality and immerses you into Oneness as a central healing method. As such, it goes well beyond the beginner's use of Borrowing Benefits. This is often reflected in enhanced surrogate work.

4. EFT Tapping is a good stand-alone method. It is dramatically enhanced, however, when blended with The Unseen Therapist.


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