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Reflux: The Unseen Therapist succeeds where EFT Tapping fell short

Hi Everyone,

Dr. Tam Llewellyn-Edwards and his wife Mair, have been long time friends of EFT from the UK. In his brief case study on Reflux, Tam says, "I apparently had failed with EFT Tapping as I had not found the root cause, whereas the Unseen Therapist did not have this trouble and did the job effectively."

e-hugs, Gary



First I should outline my background.

I have been an EFTer since 1999 and have continued to the study of it in my therapy practice since. In 2005 Gary Craig appointed me a “Master Practitioner” and in 2008 I obtained Honours Level (again awarded by Gary).

By that time a number of “improved” versions of EFT had appeared. I investigated some of them but soon reverted to the Basic EFT as originally presented by Gary and it is still that that I use. Very early in my practice of EFT I noticed that the tapping part of EFT was not always necessary. However, I never took this idea further.

I was lucky to have been taught to meditate by my father from my earliest years and have continued to meditate in later life. This has included calling for “the Universe” to help clients I had treated with various therapies.

From the above it will be clear that I have long been nibbling on the edges of what Gary has now developed as Optimal EFT and I was pleased when Gary pulled all these ideas together into a coherent therapy.

Now to the case study: 

The patient was a 52 year old woman who came to me about two years ago for homeopathic treatment as she was suffering from Reflux. This was a simple case and I gave her a homeopathic remedy, Lycopodium, which cleared her problem immediately.

Two years later the problem returned and she attended another homeopath who also gave her Lycopodiun, but this made her much worse. She came to me again a month ago.

When the client returned to me I decided to leave the homeopathic route and try EFT Tapping. We tapped on a large number of aspects, but were unable to move the problem nor any aspect of it, so I returned to homeopathy and prescribed Campher.

Again the homeopathy worked at first but the Reflux soon returned.

I then turned to Optimal EFT. I used this therapy remotely without the client's knowledge as she had already given me permission to work with her to solve her problem. The Reflux disappeared and further contact with the client has confirmed all is still well. I apparently had failed with EFT Tapping as I had not found the root cause, whereas the Unseen Therapist did not have this trouble and did the job effectively

Dr. Tam Llewellyn-Edwards


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