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"Impossible" Healings

Sandy Baker's “Impossible” Healing Of Her Frozen Shoulder

by Sheri Baker

Definition of "Impossible":

Healing that occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Sheri's introductory note to Gary:

Hi Gary, I think the healing of Sandy’s frozen shoulder utilizing OEFT qualifies as “Impossible” by Allopathic medical standards. Mainstream medicine says it should take anywhere from one to five years to heal frozen shoulder, accompanied by lots of painkillers and possibly surgery. Fortunately, The Unseen Therapist doesn’t pay any attention to medical journals so with Her help, Sandy’s shoulder issue resolved within in a matter of hours. Her doctor said this type of healing is not possible. We know better. Sheri

Sheri Baker
Sheri Baker

Sheri's complete description of Sandy's "Impossible" healing:

When Sandy contacted me for an OEFT session, she was in excruciating pain caused by a frozen shoulder. On an intensity scale of 0 - 10, she reported a pain level of about 100!

“The pain was so unbearable,” Sandy recalls, “that I could not get any clothes over my arm. I literally stayed in my pajamas for a few days with a shawl over the top half of my body. When my arm was down, it felt like a dead weight. The slightest jerk brought unbearable pain that reduced me to sobbing. Simple activities like fastening a bra or taking a book off an overhead shelf can be impossible when you have a frozen shoulder. I could not type on my computer keyboard nor on my phone. With the use of one arm only, I was totally out of action.”

According to an article from Harvard Health Publishing from Harvard Medical School, “Frozen shoulder (also called adhesive capsulitis) is a common disorder that causes pain, stiffness, and loss of normal range of motion in the shoulder. The resulting disability can be serious, and the condition tends to get worse with time if it’s not treated. It affects mainly people ages 40 to 60 — women more often than men.

“We don’t fully understand what causes a frozen shoulder, but an inflammatory process is probably involved. Sometimes freezing occurs because the shoulder has been immobilized for a long time by injury, surgery, or illness. In many cases, the cause is obscure. Fortunately, the shoulder can usually be unfrozen, though full recovery takes time — and lots of self-help. This can take anywhere from a year to three years.”

On their website, the National Health Service (NHS), of the United Kingdom, describes frozen shoulder as “painful and stiff for months, sometimes years. It can be treated with shoulder exercises and painkillers and maybe steroid injections.”

Addressing how long a frozen shoulder might last, the NHS predicts it can take “at least 1.5 to 2 years to get better. Sometimes it can be up to 5 years.”

Desperate for relief, Sandy went to see her chiropractor on December 17 of last year, and remembers excruciating pain just trying to get onto his table.

“After examination, my chiropractor said I would most probably need surgery,” she says, “and if he worked on it regularly, I might see an improvement in 3 months, but still with surgery.”

While that was certainly better news than NHS’ grim prediction of a potential 5 years to recover, the prognosis still seemed pretty bleak. Adding to her dismay, Sandy recalled that a 30-year-old male colleague at work had suffered a frozen shoulder 6 months earlier. He had to take off work for 6 weeks, was on a lot of painkillers, and ultimately had to undergo surgery.

Prepared for what looked like an ongoing regimen of chiropractic adjustments, Sandy saw the chiropractor again on the morning of the 18th for additional work. She met with me at 6:00 p.m. that evening for an OEFT session.

At the start of the session, Sandy showed me her frozen left shoulder accompanied by piercing pain with very little if any movement.

What might have brought this about, I asked. Sandy said she had been doing extensive renovations to her home in an effort to complete the task before her son, who had been away at college, would be coming home, followed by a visit from his girlfriend two weeks later. Sandy had done a lot of beautiful work renovating the house, but when her son arrived, he focused more on what she had not accomplished rather than on what she had completed. Understandably, she was heartbroken at his reaction.

As odd as it may sound, there’s actually a connection between heart health and shoulder pain, although perhaps neither Sandy or I knew this at the time. Intuition led me to pursue the “heartbroken” and “rejection” aspects. Intensities of 10s were eventually reduced to ones.

Further exploration brought us to aspects relating to other family members with regard to what was described as long standing non-feeling “paralysis” and “responsibility” for another person’s behavior. On an emotional level, shoulder issues are often sponsored by a feeling of “carrying the weight of the world.”

Continued exploration led us to “guilt” that Sandy has long carried regarding this burden of responsibility. After an OEFT round which included reframing inspired by The Unseen Therapist, Sandy said, “You hit the nail on the head, Sheri,” and reported guilt had dropped to zero.

How did all of this emotional releasing impact the frozen shoulder? As the session concluded, Sandy happily reported the pain had dropped from 100+ to a 3, accompanied by some very welcome arm movement.

It’s important to note that while the OEFT session was over, the physical healing continued over the next several hours. By morning, it was done. The shoulder pain had worked its way to zero and arm movement returned completely.

Though the chiropractic adjustments were no longer needed, it was too late to cancel that morning’s visit, so Sandy kept her appointment.

“I could hold my arm behind my back and at several different heights — it was literally sorted,” Sandy says. The doctor was shocked and said he had never seen such a quick recovery.

“I saw you only 24 hours ago,” he said. “You shouldn’t be able to put your arm behind your back at all. It’s not possible.” He asked Sandy what else she had done because he knew his treatments could not have worked that fast!

“With your help, Sheri, I was not out of action for very long,” Sandy says. “No lengthy period of painkillers, no surgery, and I didn’t have to take weeks or months off work. Thank you, Unseen Therapist!.”

Sandy Baker



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