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Questions and Answers

Can You Help Me With The "Yips?"


Gary Craig logoI played professional baseball for 7 years and two years ago developed a jerkiness/freezing (the "yips") when I threw. It got so bad I quit the game I love. Now I coach and throw batting practice but the same freezing still occurs. To be honest I’m out of answers and out of money trying to figure this out. I’m begging you for some help...


I played a lot of baseball myself and can appreciate the problem posed by the "yips." It is also a problem for golfers and, even worse, surgeons (where the jerkiness of a hand can mean life or death to the patient).

Like with all other ailments, you are not likely to get any lasting relief unless you collapse the CAUSE. And, as you have likely discovered, this cause seems to have escaped the many highly credentialed experts in the field. According to the Mayo Clinic website, for example, the cause MAY be from overuse of certain muscles. However, I have a hard time believing that CAUSE because multitudes of baseball players "overuse" their hand and wrist muscles daily and get no "yips" whatsoever.

So, how can that really be a cause? It MIGHT be a contributing factor but something else must be part of the equation.

That "something else" has been known in the higher levels of the EFT Community for decades. It's the same thing that is behind just about every human ailment you can name... from headaches to cancer to phobias, pain, addictions, overeating and on goes the list. Stated simply, the cause involves...

unresolved emotional issues.

We all have them. We collect them over our lifetimes and they eventually manifest themselves as our various human ailments. The “yips” is but one of the manifestations. So the challenge is to discover the underlying emotional causes and collapse them with EFT (that is what EFT does best).

For options on doing this, please peruse the "Need More Help?" segment below.

Hope this helps, Gary


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