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"Impossible" Healings

Helle's Decades Long Unforgiveness Issue Suddenly Crumbled

"Why won't I forgive my Dad?"

"...the previously impenetrable barrier to forgiveness has come tumbling down and the whole energy around it has shifted."

Definition of "Impossible":

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.


Helle Gylling is a member of our Optimal EFT Course Membership and used our advanced "TV Guidance Channel Technique" for asking The Unseen Therapist, "Why won't I forgive my Dad?" The result saved her many hours, if not weeks, of detective work. Through practice, non-members can also ask for this type of guidance using methods they may design on their own. Either way, this type of rapid, in-depth emotional release is rarely achieved through other methods and clearly deserves our "impossible" rating.

Helle's story: 

Hi Gary, 

ImpossibleI had quite a miraculous experience when I did the little 5 minute exercise when you introduced the TV Guidance Channel.Technique. A decades long unforgiveness issue suddenly crumbled! And it all happened as a result of watching one of the recorded Webinars.

I was severely abused as a child, and I have never been able to forgive my dad for standing by, doing nothing and never protecting me. I am 56 and I have resisted forgiveness for something like 20 years. So, I wrote "Why won't I forgive my dad" on the screen. (I forgave my mom who abused me many years ago). 

First I saw an image of the Statue of Liberty - and a few minutes later, the image of a match where the flame flickered and then died out. 

It took me a little while, perhaps an hour or two to understand but I suddenly got it! I did not want to forgive my dad because I had always put him on a pedestal because compared to my violent alcoholic mother, he was the one source of calm, order and safety - and I NEEDED to put someone/anyone on a pedestal. 

My whole life I have needed to admire someone else because I have never felt I have a light of my own to shine. It is a deep need in me to feel like I can shine, but I have never been able to so. I have always put others on a pedestal. 

So, when I got old enough to first of all remember the abuse and then realize that my dad should have protected me from my crazy mother but didn't - he tumbled off the pedestal, which meant I was left without anyone to be a shining light. I see now that when I don't blame my dad and forgive him, I will have to find that light in myself and let it shine. As long as I did not forgive him, I could still focus on him and be mad for not being that shining light for me. Forgiving him means being that light myself and I did not want to take that on because I did not believe I was capable of it. 

I hope you understand what I mean? 

As soon as I got the message, it all made so much sense and I was finally able to let that burden of unforgiveness go. I am not saying all my issues with my dad and his passivity are gone - I am certainly going to test this extensively. But the previously impenetrable barrier to forgiveness has come tumbling down and the whole energy around it has shifted. 

I am VERY excited about this new technique. I know this is going to become very important. 

Thanks so much, Gary

: ) Helle


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