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Questions and Answers

Can The Unseen Therapist Help With Sciatica?


Question from Julia H:

Gary, Your book is amazing. I'm taking it slowly as I'm so scared that I'll miss some major help in contacting The Unseen Therapist. I have tried in the past through your recorded sessions but still the pain in my left leg continued (like sciatica) so I gave up. I am a therapist and my clients say that their work with me gives amazing results but for myself - no luck. Any thoughts?

My love, Julia


Thanks for your question, Julia. 

There is nothing that The Unseen Therapist cannot improve or completely resolve, including your sciatica. That statement may seem too bold for most people but the healing power within (The Unseen Therapist) is far beyond what our belief systems tend to allow. Until now, this power has been lying dormant but, fortunately, we are finding ways to access Her many gifts.

My free e-book, The Unseen Therapist, provides a good start. Practice the simple methods therein to learn the basics and you may get some impressive results. 

In any event, it is essential to recognize that The Unseen Therapist will not interfere with any beliefs or issues that you have hidden, forgotten or repressed. To do so would interfere with your free will to think/believe  as you choose. And THAT would be unloving indeed.

Thus, in your case, we need to dig into what unresolved specific events in your life may be contributing to the sciatica. Then we can take them out of hiding and put them "on the table" for The Unseen Therapist to resolve. There is a skill involved in doing this, however, and that is one of the many things that the training provided in our Optimal EFT Course Membership is dedicated to doing. 

Hope this helps, Gary


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