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Episodes 1- 50

#2: Impressive Improvement For Autism


"But, if we are willing to explore beyond our presumed limits, this idea of Autism being a choice has ever-increasing merit."


For best results, this NewThink series assumes you have read my free intro e-book, The Unseen Therapist

From Gary: 

What to do about Autism (technically, Autism Spectrum Disorder)? 

Gary Craig logoConventional thinking tends to focus on symptoms and thus prescribes drugs and various therapeutic exercises. But this is basically a version of surrendering. Why? Because the true cause of the unwanted behaviors remains a mystery. 

In the words of 

"There is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, and there’s currently no medication to treat it. But some medicines can help with related symptoms like depression, seizures, insomnia, and trouble focusing." 

I searched the high-profile medical websites and could find nothing persuasive regarding a cause. It was thought at one time that vaccinations or mercury contaminations could be the cause... but that has met with resistance and so conventional thinking continues to draw a blank on what causes Autism. 

And, if you don't know the cause, how can you expect to find a cure? 

NewThink blows right by all this confusion. Here we look beyond those conventional limits and enter the world of quantum physics where it has been clearly established that nothing is separate from anything else. There is only a grand Oneness of which we are unaware. Thus, the seemingly separated world, which appears so undeniably real, becomes a fantastic illusion. 

Ponder that a bit. If we are powerful enough to invent a world that doesn't exist and make it so undeniably real that we believe every feature of it, what prevents us from manifesting Autism or any other ailment? Easy peasy. 

In this view, Autism becomes a choice. The fetus or child decides that s/he doesn't want to compete or deal with the world and thus develops a set of symptoms and behaviors (Autism) where the child or person (1) is taken care of, (2) has no responsibilities and (3) can endlessly act out and misbehave. 

I realize that's a bit of a stretch, especially for those who have bought into conventional thinking. But, if we are willing to explore beyond our presumed limits, this idea of Autism being a choice has ever-increasing merit. 

This, as NewThink proposes, now becomes a prime candidate for a major CAUSE of Autism. It is a personal choice... an escape mechanism... motivated by avoidance of fear, violence, guilt, grief, anger and other "features" of the separated world. It's like a turtle retracting its head so it can live in its inner world instead of dealing with all the turmoil that appears outside of it. 

So, can The Unseen Therapist bring relief under these circumstances? 

Our evidence so far says yes. People are using Optimal EFT surrogately on our Autistic brethren and gaining success. By imagining the guilts, angers, fears, etc. of the Autistic person, they are bringing in The Unseen Therapist to bring relief and noticing behavior changes. I've seen this many times. 

This may not be a complete answer (yet). But it is a major start. 

I'm hoping you have enthusiasm for this NewThink idea. Accordingly, I have prepared a video describing impressive results with an 8 year old boy with both Autism... AND... Down Syndrome. We used surrogate EFT Tapping at the time (an intro cousin to The Unseen Therapist) because The Unseen Therapist was not, as yet, in our thinking. 

Nonetheless, the NewThink idea is clear. Bringing relief to emotional issues addresses the true CAUSE of Autism and can bring unexpected results.

Watch the video below...

 Note: Please consult physicians on all medical issues.


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