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Questions and Answers

What Causes Dermatitis?



How do I tap for dermatitis and the infernal itch that goes with it? I am told it is caused by Allergies or Leaky Gut.


Gary Craig logoEFT can likely help you but, for best results, you should go deeper than "tapping for dermatitis." Dermatitis, and the itching that goes with it, are SYMPTOMS of a deeper, underlying CAUSE. Thus logic will tell you that you need to aim at that CAUSE and not the SYMPTOM.

You have been told that the cause is Allergies or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Assuming that is true, we need to look at WHAT CAUSES THOSE AILMENTS. Ultimately, in my view, the CAUSE for all our ailments are unresolved emotional issues such as fear, anger, guilt, grief and the like. Resolve those CAUSES, which properly done EFT can do, and the SYMPTOMS fade.

Also, I urge to upgrade your thinking from EFT Tapping to Optimal EFT where tapping has been replaced by the ultimate healing source, the spiritual dimension. Anyone can learn this High-End approach. Here Is a link to my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist...

Cheers, Gary

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