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Remarkable Recovery From Covid-19

"All this at first seems to have no connection with the symptoms of a powerful virus and yet the muscle pain disappeared, like the other symptoms. By freeing herself from her emotions and wounds she calmed down ... and her body with it. She could stand up and breathe normally."

A big thank you to Francoise Vache, an OEFT Course Member, for her quality work with Dany, her friend and Covid-19 victim. Note how Francoise's use of OEFT and The Unseen Therapist discovered and resolved numerous emotional issues that showed up during the sessions. Because of Dany's familiarity with EFT Tapping, it was also used from time to time within the sessions. The major emotional work, however, was done with OEFT.

Here is Dany's testimonial (translated from French), followed by Francoise's description of the four sessions involved.

Dany's Testimonial:

"This virus allowed me to practice OEFT and EFT Tapping in an improved way and to go into greater depths than before. The medical world had abandoned me, I saw their ignorance. But with Optimal EFT I started to heal my soul ... "

In March of this year (2020 I contracted the Covid-19 virus (unidentified at the time) and in June I had very strong muscular damages. It was very difficult to walk or stand up. I lost weight, had almost constant fever, and these symptoms would show up in my blood tests.

This virus had also caused me psychological injuries. I had the impression it was the end of my life, the media were only talking about death toll and tests were not used yet. I didn't feel any support from the medical world. I had prepared my last will and testament and I had worried about my two daughters, for no apparent reason ... My professional past as a Director of a pension house sent me back all the fears of diseases that I had witnessed just because the doctors were in the ignorance for this Covid virus. I asked Françoise for three sessions and a fourth one three months later. To date I practice OEFT and EFT regularly. Thank you for this extraordinary method." Dany

Francoise's description of the four sessions:

When the virus broke out, her relationships with her daughters were not very peaceful, and they didn’t support her. This problem was further aggravated by a stepmother rivalry. Although I encouraged her to do EFT and Optimal EFT that she had learned through our previous sessions, she thought it couldn't work. Her desire to die was undermining her, however she now recognizes that it was an erroneous belief that EFT couldn't work on everything and especially when the issue was as bad as Covid-19. However at the beginning of June we did a short session by phone and at the end her desire to die had disappeared.

During the sessions last September we discussed and worked on topics that showed up, sometimes linked to her childhood or that of her daughters.

During the 1st session she mentioned exhausting breathing problems (at 7), caused by the fear of diseases - fear of dying - and the accompanying pains.  As I questioned about her birth (her first breath) she mentioned the "unspoken / secrets" from her mother during pregnancy), and jealousy from siblings. At the end she felt joy, and could breathe freely(0), and her physical pains were down to 2. 

During the 2nd session, she mentioned that she couldn’t move her arms easily. I asked her if there had been any events before the Covid-19 that could have disturbed her and weakened her immune system. She immediately mentioned the breast cancer of one of her daughters (diagnosed 3 months earlier) and she was devastated. This was amplified by a rivalry with the stepmother who had "robbed her place as a mother." Her other daughter, while seeing her condition, said a very harsh phrase to her: "Don't ask me to help you". The shock caused by these different situations went from 10 to 0. The pains went down to 1.

During the 3rd session, we came back to this step-mother who had taken her place. She felt that this woman was a liar, making up a character and trying to belittle her. A feeling of shame came up and it reminded her of her grandmother with clogs (she was a farmer) as she arrived with her friends (she was 16 then) and this phrase "my family does not honor me," All this at first seems to have no connection with the symptoms of a powerful virus and yet the muscle pain disappeared, like the other symptoms. By freeing herself from her emotions and wounds she calmed down ... and her body with it. She could stand up and breathe normally.

The last blood test was perfect and this without any medication (her words).

The last session, mid-November, led her towards successful relationships with her daughters and no more resentment with the "evil" step-mother…

She also mentioned how she loved the humour I used for the Specific Events, that let her move to a different perception. (something you, Gary, teach regularly)

She is really grateful as she sees that nothing else except Optimal EFT (and Tapping sometimes too) helped her recover from this very serious virus.

Sincerely, Francoise