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Questions and Answers

What Happens After Death?



Gary Craig logoWhat do you think happens after death? I don’t mean generally or metaphorically. Please tell me what an engineer's mind thinks about this. If there are any passages in A Course In Miracles I would appreciate the reference. I know it is similar to the brief spiritual experience that I had and I try and hold that but I am afraid of dying because I don’t know what you do, and frankly just “being” sounds a bit boring.


Death is a big deal in the separated illusion.

We exert great energy trying to avoid it and spend b'zillions of dollars for drugs, surgeries and hospitals to, hopefully, dance out of its way. But, alas, in the end, it seems to get us all.

Death is often associated with physical and emotional pain and can bring about regrets, fear, guilt and grief. That's why the laments of "if only" and "why me" tend to permeate the process. On the positive side, it can be a time of deep connections and expressions of love as sisters, relatives and friends come from meaningful places to say their "good-byes."

To me, however, death is a fiction. It is the casting aside of bodily limits and a step toward reuniting with the Oneness that you and I both recognized in our spiritual experiences.

So the question arises: Upon physical death do we automatically wake up and enter the bliss or is there more to learn on our journey home? The answer varies from person to person but the ultimate destination is, to me, quite certain.

I often hear that "just being" is boring. Indeed, in the separated world where time is ever-present, just sitting around and staring out the window is big time BORING. Rarely can anyone do this perpetually. Being bored occurs over time but, in the Oneness state, time vanishes and thus boredom has no meaning.

Personally, when I return home I will be thrilled to giggle and love endlessly.

Finally, you asked about a possible passage on death from A Course In Miracles. Try Chapter 27 in the Manual for Teachers: "What is Death?"

Hope this helps, Gary


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