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Spiritual Experiences

Three Guidances From The Unseen Therapist

"In between all of these there are times when you hit this feeling of being in joy or internal happiness with no external causes and it could happen anytime anywhere, in midst of anything.

By Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia

Hi Gary,

Just wanted to share some experiences where the feeling was that the spirit guides you in strange ways. 

Guidance #1 - Unexpected peace:

The first one happened when I was sick for a couple of days with some body aches and feverish feelings. On the second day of this sickness I came down from the bedroom and felt inspired to water the plants outside. I thought will go out, water some plants and then come back to lie down again. So I went out of the house and watered the plants with the watering can. While outside instead of coming inside the house and resting I was nudged to go take a walk (pretty opposite to what you would normally do being sick) . So I set out for a short walk and the longer I walked , the better I felt. And at a certain turn I was again nudged to turn left instead of right.

I walked left for a bit and then turned around to walk back. Suddenly I stepped on dry leaves and they made a crackling noise. I heard the sound so very clearly and I hit a space of total peace internally walking over the leaves and hearing the crackling sound. And post that everything was at peace , I heard my breath so clearly and every movement of the body was very clearly felt and experienced. The whole walk back home was a different experience , an experience in presence and peace. I felt much better at all levels, physical, mental , emotional. And there was this feeling of no bother, no worries. This continued on the next day when I came down to the living room and sat down after waking up in the morning.

While I was sitting down I felt this profound peace again and in spite of loud noises of utensils in the kitchen and other noises from inside and outside the house I did not feel any disturbance at all , was still at peace and with a subtle feeling of goodness too. It continued on for a couple of more days.

Guidance #2 - Unexpected nudges:

The second experience of this guidance happened when I was out in the country side picking up vegetables on a farm. We had already picked up a lot of vegetables and were on the onion fields. The onions were already pulled out from the ground and you just had to collect them. However the size of the onions was too big and my wife commented that “we should have had small sized onions, they all seem to be gone.”

I again felt this nudge to start walking towards the other side of the field where it all seemed to be empty. I walked for a bit and noticed a small onion the kind of size we were looking for, kept walking and found another one and the nudge kept on to keep walking. And I kept discovering and picking up onions. Surprisingly even though the onion field ended I was still nudged to go on. As I kept on I saw apple trees with ripe fruit on both sides of the path I was walking on. The energy there felt very good and special. But this nudge didn’t stop and I kept walking on. Suddenly the row of apple trees ended and out of nowhere I hit a large patch of big sunflowers on one side and on the other side were bushes of some wild flowers. On top of the bushes were hundreds of white colored butterflies flying in unison. It looked like a transcendental scene pulled out of a painting or a movie in real life. And it just amazed me as to where I was led to by the nudge. I could only have been grateful for this experience.

Guidance #3 - Finding fresh mint:

This third one happened more recently , pretty insignificant but nevertheless important in my personal viewpoint. We were doing some grocery shopping inside a store before Christmas and my wife needed some fresh mint. So she went to the usual place where all those herbs are but found no mint. We walked on to the other side of the store picking up other things and then suddenly this nudge hit again to go there in the vegetables section. I told my wife I will just be back. So I went to the fresh herbs section of the store and came across an attendant from the store. I asked the lady do you have fresh mint. She declined that no fresh mint was available and said we do have dry mint leaves and guided me to that section of the store. I was just standing there looking at those packs of dry herbs when I heard a voice behind me. “Sir, luckily we do have some fresh mint in stock today, she sounded a bit surprised herself.” All I could do was be led by her to that portion of the store where it was placed. I picked up 2 bunches , thanked the lady, filled with gratitude for the spirit and handed them over to my wife.

In between all of these there are times when you hit this feeling of being in joy or internal happiness with no external causes and it could happen anytime anywhere, in midst of anything. This is something which can only be a blessing as it is not under you control to experience, retain or get it or leave it.

With Love and Gratitude,



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