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Unseen Therapist At Work - Plus Insights

Recordings 1-50

How To Know If You Are Hearing Unseen Therapist's "Voice"

"The doors to many new vistas will open for you"

Newcomers to The Unseen Therapist often have difficulty distinguishing between the incessant chatter of our "internal voice" (the ego) and the genuine, loving guidance of The Unseen Therapist. However, with enough practice, this becomes clearer and, eventually, you can make this distinction with much greater ease.

You may not always want to hear this guidance, of course, but you will soon learn of its wisdom. When you do, the doors to many new vistas will open for you.

In the video below, many tips and hints on this topic are given by seasoned Optimal EFT Course student, Marion Bilich, PhD. Listen. There is great experience behind her thoughts.

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