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Questions and Answers

Can EFT Help With Shy Bladder?



Gary Craig logoI was wondering if you had a specific treatment for shy bladder. I suffer with this and have tried self hypnosis and subliminal messaging with no results.


Thanks for your question. Shy bladder (paruresis) is much more common than most people think. And, yes, properly used EFT is likely bring relief. Here are some thoughts about it from (my thoughts within the article in red).

What is "Shy Bladder?"

When you’re on the go and you have to go, a public restroom is where you head. For millions, though, that’s not an option. It’s a place where peeing seems physically impossible.

That’s because being near other people causes your sphincter muscles to lock up. Those muscles control the flow of urine from your bladder. Once they freeze up, you simply can’t pee. It can happen in a public restroom, a bathroom in someone else’s home, and even in your own place if other folks are nearby. Yes… and in EFT terms, you are subconsciously replaying some unresolved emotions from the past. This is what causes the sphincter muscles to lock up.

As many as 20 million Americans have this problem. It’s known as shy or bashful bladder syndrome. Your doctor may call it by its official name, paruresis.

Without treatment, it can affect your personal, social, and professional life. You might find it hard to be away from home for more than a short time. You could end up avoiding parties, sporting events, and dates. It might even limit your choice of jobs. But you can get it under control with therapy. Conventional therapy can help, but the results usually are mild or temporary. EFT, properly done, can eliminate the problem.

What Causes It?

It isn’t a problem with your urinary system. Rather, it’s nervousness about peeing when you’re around other people. Yes. It’s considered a social anxiety disorder. Perhaps. But that’s the medical view. I tend to avoid such labels and, instead, consider it a reaction to unresolved emotional issues from the past. This is true for just about every human ailment we manifest. This is an important distinction to make and vastly simplifies the healing process. It’s largely ignored, however, by man-made methods.

Maybe it started when your parents criticized you during potty training, or in school when someone bullied you or made fun of you in the restroom. Or it could have happened at the doctor’s office, when you couldn’t pee on cue for a urine sample. At worst, it could relate to sexual abuse that happened in a restroom. Good thoughts. Right on target. However, the possibilities are endless and it requires some skill to discover your specific causes. That’s where good training is invaluable.

After it happens the first time, you worry about it happening again. In other words, you have performance anxiety. It snowballs from there. The more you try to force nature to take its course, the more your body refuses to cooperate. The anxiety fills a part of your nervous system with adrenaline, and the muscles that let you empty your bladder just freeze up.

Many people say they feel so anxious about using a public restroom that they’ll search for one that’s vacant. Some avoid shared bathrooms, and others can’t pee in public stalls or urinals at all. However, once the emotional CAUSES are located and eliminated, the problem vanishes and you can pee whenever and wherever you want. Hooray! 

For more in-depth info, check out the references below.

e-hugs, Gary


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