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Questions and Answers

Who Created Our Bodies?

"This body-state and the world are often referred to as a dream or an illusion by our scientists."



Gary Craig logoI think it's generally been accepted that we didn't create ourselves but rather by the hand of God so what do you think motivated him to create us in body form, with all the attached problems, rather than create us in the world of love that you and others have experienced? 


This question, obviously, is a theological one and thus subject to much debate. I think, however, that you are right in saying, "I think it's generally been accepted that we didn't create ourselves but rather by the hand of God..." 

Indeed, in the theological sense, how else could we have been created? 

But the real question is, who created our bodies? Since the world generally believes that we ARE our bodies, it is naturally assumed that God, therefore, created our bodies. 

Just because it is generally accepted, however, does not mean that it is true. Thinking outside that "generally accepted" belief can bring us new insights. If you think through the Oneness concept thoroughly, the conclusion would be different from the idea above. Rather, it would be that we were created by God in the Oneness (non-body) state. From that state, WE (not God) created our bodies as evidence of a desire/belief to be separate. 

That's a stunning statement. Sit with it a while and let its implications sink in. 

The body-state thus becomes loaded with problems that we, with our unlimited power, have believed into existence. That's why this body-state and the world are often referred to as a dream or an illusion by our scientists. This aligns perfectly with quantum physics (all atoms are connected - separation is impossible) and the multitudes of reported Near Death Experiences. 

All this may be unusual and counter to some ingrained beliefs. However, it not only explains many spiritual mysteries, it also opens an "awareness door" that allows us to gradually regain our Oneness birthright. That's what Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist are all about. 

Hope this helps, Gary


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