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Questions and Answers

A Question About EFT Setup Affirmations


Gary Craig logoWhile having trouble getting back to sleep one night, I was repeating the setup affirmation without tapping, "Even though I am anxious about my daughter, I deeply and completely accept myself." In my half-asleep state, I realized it had switched to, "Even though I am anxious about my daughter, I deeply and completely RESENT myself." <scary> I feel like I resent myself, so why did this happen? What does this mean?

Short background:

My adult daughter has turned to worldly ways, accused us of being horrible parents, and walked away from the family. We don't know what went wrong. Thanks for your help!


With gratitude for your note, I could not help but notice some possible deficiencies in your current understanding of EFT. Correcting those could allow you a better way to aim EFT and give you better results. Let me explain...

  • When you aim EFT at being “anxious about my daughter,” you are aiming at the SYMPTOM, not the CAUSE. Anxiety has a cause and that cause often includes deeper unresolved issues that are in addition to, and often foundational to, the immediate issues with your daughter. Thus, aiming at the SYMPTOM may give you some temporary or partial relief, but is not likely to give you longer term results.
  • Switching to “deeply and completely RESENT myself” appears to point to a foundational CAUSE that showed up in the process. I see this a lot, especially with our newest advancement. We are often seemingly upset over a current happening but that upset is frequently “bouncing off of” more foundational, unresolved emotional issues from our past. Possibilities to consider here are your own behaviors that may have contributed to your daughter’s current issues. Guilt, fear and a boatload full of other issues might be contributors.
  • Rebellious children happen with great frequency. I hear about this weekly. But because I do not know any details here, I cannot speak definitively regarding your daughter’s turning to “worldly ways.” However, in general, rebellious children tend to be looking for love and do so in ways where they get attention and responses, even if they are negative. Some attention, even if negative, is better than no attention… or so it may seem. It is mistaken for love. Surrogate EFT has helped in many of these cases. If you are not familiar with it, good training can equip with these solid skills (don’t seek the general internet for this training, much of it is too shallow).
  • You appear to be unaware of our newest advancement, Optimal EFT (The Unseen Therapist). It is spiritual in nature and does not involve tapping. More efficient. More powerful. Solid training in it incorporates everything above and much more.

You should find the help references below quite useful..

e-hugs, Gary


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