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Questions and Answers

Can My Ailments Re-occur after using The Unseen Therapist?


Gary Craig logoHi I have been using The Unseen Therapist on and off for a while now. Although I have had some success with it, an issue I have been having is re-occurring. I was under the impression that once the issue was corrected by The Unseen Therapist it does not Re-occur. True?


Every human ailment can re-occur.

You can have "successful surgery" to remove a cancerous tumor and it can re-occur. You can take drugs or undergo radiation to cure a disease and it can re-occur. And, in the same way, you can use The Unseen Therapist to alleviate ailments and, if you don't do it well, they can re-occur.

The reason for this has nothing to do with the remedy. Rather, it has to do with our power to CAUSE and heal our ailments. Our unresolved fear, anger, guilt, grief and other negative emotions manifest themselves physically in countless symptoms. Drugs and surgeries do not resolve those destructive emotions but The Unseen Therapist can... and does.

The question then arises as to how well you used The Unseen Therapist to resolve your issues? How much of those issues did you put "on the table" for resolution? What may have been hidden, forgotten or repressed? Did you really get to foundational causes, or were you aiming at surface issues? Do you know the difference?

Many people use my free intro e-book, The Unseen Therapist, as their only source of instructions. This intro version can work well for many issues but, for more challenging ailments, you need more training.

Hope this helps, Gary

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