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"Impossible" Healings

Shelagh's "impossible" recovery from a back injury

"She was put in a body brace and told to move nothing, not even her eyeballs..."


Definition of "Impossible":

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

Shelagh's story:

5 1/2 years ago, Shelagh McKaig was in a serious car accident. She was rushed to the hospital and, after examination and x-rays, the doctors reported that she had a compressed vertebrae and numerous bone fragments floating around her spine. These fragments needed to be surgically removed immediately... and... she would be likely facing bowel and bladder problems for the rest of her life. 

She was put in a body brace and told to move nothing, not even her eyeballs, until the surgery could be performed... 10 hours away. She was asked to simply focus on a spot on the wall for 10 hours. 

ImpossibleInterestingly, this protracted time span became a superb healing opportunity for Shelagh. It was her chance to summon her own "higher power" (The Unseen Therapist - however, she didn't know that name then) for healing purposes. She focused her thoughts on this possibility and... importantly... surrendered to this power that was "much bigger than her." 

The next morning the doctors took more x-rays to assist their seemingly vital surgery and arranged for a physiotherapist to see her the following day. They came back and told Shelagh that the operation was no longer necessary and she could go home. 

They gave no explanation but, apparently, the seriousness of the injury... the compressed vertebrae, the bone fragments and the concern about bowel and bladder problems... disappeared. The only plausible explanation was that a remarkable healing had occurred during the 10 hour time span wherein she surrendered to this higher power (The Unseen Therapist).

Shelagh left the hospital, walked 1/2 mile to her son’s car (who was picking her up from the hospital), and has had none of the expected problems since.

Gary's comments:

There are often mysteries surrounding some of the spectacular and "impossible" healings I have seen with The Unseen Therapist. In Shelagh's case, the doctors gave no explanation for their about face so, unfortunately, we don't have their valuable input. Did they just assume they made a mistake in the first place? Were they so astonished by the change in the X-rays that they had no explanation? 

Who knows? 

But something happened... something dramatic.. for the doctors to shift their ultra concern from "don't even move your eyeballs" to "go home."I have seen this sort of thing more times than I can count and while there may be, on occasion, some other explanation, I usually choose to give credit to The Unseen Therapist. You can do the same, or not. Your choice. 

Shelagh's experience of surrendering is also important to explore. Surrendering is something our egos tend to resist and thus it requires trust in The Unseen Therapist to pull it off. We can gain that trust through practice... or... as in Shelagh's case, have a severe accident and be put in a position where we have no choice. 

I recommend practice.

Below is a video interview with Shelagh.

e-hugs, Gary


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