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Questions and Answers

The Unseen Therapist and Lyme Disease



Hi Gary, 

I have done EFT for some time and with great success. Thank you!!! 

I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago with late-stage Lyme disease (blood test i.e. evidence that I have those nasty bacteria in my body). While I fully agree that emotions are usually at the core of all disease, I struggle to make that connection for a tick-borne disease, and hence am uncertain how to go about it with your techniques. 

I have just finished reading your book, The Unseen Therapist. Do you think it can be effective for a bacterial disease as nasty and persistent as Lyme? I would love to hear your thoughts or advice. 

Again, thank you for EFT... and probably for the Unseen Therapist too, but I have yet to put it into action.

Warmest regards, Joerg Domroes 


Hi Joerg,

With the understanding that I am not a doctor and have no training in the medical field, let me suggest that many people are bitten (burrowed) by those ticks with the "nasty bacteria" but develop no symptoms whatsoever. For example, I live in a country setting with tall grasses and many people have the tick experience. However, Lyme disease doesn't appear to be an unusual problem here.

Why is that?

Common sense suggests, at least to me, that the immune system is at play... just as it with most diseases. A healthy immune system handles the tick's intrusion into our system while a compromised immune system may not.

Our main purpose with EFT is to lighten the load on our immune system by reducing the burden of the negative emotions (anger, fear, guilt, resentment, trauma, etc.) that we tend to carry around and for which resources are required from the immune system. A lightened emotional load frees up our immune system for repair work on our physical systems. This includes repair work on all diseases, including Lyme Disease. 

My book, The Unseen Therapist, is a likely good start for you as it brings in the power of the spiritual realm in the pursuit of your healing. However, it is introductory in nature and so, if your budget permits, you would be well served to join our Optimal EFT Course Membership​. This is where we elevate our skills beyond the book and climb our Stairway to Miracles.

e-hugs, Gary


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