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"Impossible" Healings

The "Impossible" Healing of Bacterial Meningitis

"A spinning melody of light"

"An astonishing, complete and "impossible" recovery followed."

Definition of Impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.

The story:

Eben Alexander, MD has an inspirational story to tell us. And it's in this 7 minute video interview

As a neurosurgeon, he considered the countless reported Near Death Experiences (NDEs) to be mere hallucinations... tricks of the brain... that duped people into thinking there was a God, or an afterlife, that far transcended our physical world. 

ImpossibleWe know these NDEs are real, of course, because we have used that spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist) for numerous "Impossible" Healings

Little did Dr. Alexander know that he was about to have a NDE of his own. It happened suddenly one night when he became ill and was rushed to the hospital. While there he lapsed into a coma that lasted 7 days.

He had developed Bacterial Meningitis, a disease that decimated his brain. In fact, during this coma, his brain showed no recognizable activity. His imminent death was, of course, expected. 

During his coma, however, he had a spectacular NDE that was "impossible" according to his previous medical belief. By all medical standards, his non-functioning brain was incapable of this so-called hallucination. 

In his video interview, he beautifully describes this experience as a "spinning melody of light" wherein he received the messages, "You are loved. You are cherished. there is nothing you can do wrong." 

An astonishing, complete and "impossible" recovery followed, all of which is detailed in his book Proof Of Heaven (available on 

I urge you to watch his 7 minute video interview.

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All Rights Reserved