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The Stairway To Miracles

The Unseen Therapist on the Basketball Court


Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.


Millions watched it on TV. Celebrations everywhere! A glorious achievement. 

Golden State Warriors

I'm speaking of my local professional basketball team, The Golden State Warriors, who, against adversity and big time competition, won the natiional championship. This is the highest possible achievement in that sport. It is like the Super Bowl of basketball.


As someone with one foot in Oneness and the other in this illusory world, I had mixed emotions. 

Achievements like this are honored in the world of separation. Trophies, fame and millions of dollars are heaped on the players and coaches. They are winners... AND... they are "better than" all the others. 

So Hooray... sort of. 

It feels good in this world to be a winner, but it also feels bad to be a loser. So, compared to the champion Golden State Warriors, who are clear winners, the vast majority of the basketball teams in the U.S., and their fans, get to be losers. 

Not good. A spiritual step backwards on our Stairway to Miracles.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could develop games where everybody wins and nobody loses? I will do that in the next article. 

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

In the meantime let's look at basketball, particularly the Golden State Warriors, through a spiritual lens. Unlike most other sports, basketball requires an extra element of Oneness that is a spiritual delight to behold. 

To be ultimately effective, each player is spiritually "connected" to his teammates. They work as a unit, always moving, always looking for the player with the best open shot. Each player trusts all the others and no one seeks to hog the statistics. Separate glory fades in importance and the achievements of the team... the One... become paramount. 

There is a poetry in that. It is creative and, perhaps, one of the best examples of the power of Oneness that we can find in this illusory world of separation. The Golden State Warriors are superb examples of this. They are loaded with star players but it is clearly evident how they work together. It's as though a guiding baton is orchestrating their symphony of movement. 

To me, this is The Unseen Therapist at work. When two or more people join together, while forgetting individual interests and working toward a common goal, a form of spiritual magic takes over. This multiplies our achievements well beyond those of a single individual and makes everyone a winner (no losers). Ahhh, perfection. 

It is my dream that this form of Oneness someday infects the world of separation and shifts our thoughts from separate interests to those of love. And what better theater to bring this about than in therapy sessions where we join in healing with The Unseen Therapist? 

Love, Gary


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