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"Impossible" Healings

An "Impossible" healing for Pablo's Meningitis

"Pablo was in serious trouble and
the doctors did not know the cause
or what to do." 

Definition of impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods.  

Claudio Savarin
Claudio Savarin

About Claudio:

First... meet Claudio, whose Optimal EFT Practice Group assisted Pablo in his remarkable recovery from Meningitis.
Claudio Savarin, from Argentina, is one of our top-level Optimal EFT Certification students. His work with Sheri Baker, my Director of The Gary Craig Official EFT Training Center (in the English language) has been impressive. Claudio also holds a PhD in psychology, is a medical student about to become an MD and is a member of our Optimal EFT Course.

The practice group:

Recently, while conducting an Optimal EFT Practice Group, his participants focused on Pablo, a 45 day old baby boy who was very sick and was admitted to the hospital with a high fever. Pablo was in serious trouble and the doctors did not know the cause or what to do. 

At about this time, Claudio's practice group invited The Unseen Therapist to aid in Pablo's problem. As you will see, the effort was successful. An "impossibly quick" recovery from an eventual Meningitis diagnosis was the result. 

The following is each group member’s experience. Please note that in Claudio's experience, the "message" from The Unseen Therapist was customized to his medical training. Fascinating! 

Paula tells us her experience: 

“I started amplifying love until it felt magnanimous. Then I visualized the baby being surrounded by a powerful white light (The Unseen Therapist). The light was scrolling down and up his body from head to toes. I could picture this image of the little baby in the hospital's bed and I tried to see this powerful white light passing over and over on his body. 

After several moments, the baby's lungs appeared as a vague image…I wondered if the problem was there, as it came naturally to me. I repeated this exercise several times.” 

The experience according to Melisa: 

"When I received the request to work with Optimal EFT for Pablo, I was with my three-years-old daughter at my lunch break. I was sharing this time with her, which made it easier for me to be connected to a loving experience. 

Being in that moment, watching my daughter's eyes, I was able to feel a deep empathy with the anxiousness and suffering of Pablo’s mom. This had helped me immerse myself into the spiritual vibration that facilitated the practice of Optimal EFT. 

It is then when I disposed myself to irradiate this intense feeling of love and suddenly connect with this powerful energy, visualizing colors, and the Holy Spirit (The Unseen Therapist), according to my beliefs. It is then, when a sensation of love surrounds this mother that I have never met. I imagined how helpless and fearful she might feel facing this situation with her baby. 

The exercise ended with a deep feeling of peace. I trust myself that I had finished the practice and I looked forward to following up with the group later to share the news.” 

The experience according to Claudio: 

As soon as I got the message about the situation of this little baby hospitalized I was intensely driven to put my agenda on hold and do at least one round of Optimal EFT. 

In this process, the first image I visualized was the baby's head, much bigger than normal size, showing a swollen brain. I am a medical student and this pointed me clearly to the likely diagnosis of meningitis. What is fascinating here is that this "message from The Unseen Therapist" was customized to me and my medical training. She was speaking my language in a way that I could best understand. 

I invited The Unseen Therapist to overflow this baby’s brain with love. I continued doing EFT for a while until the image spontaneously came back to normal. 


In the meantime, Pablo's doctors were coming to a similar meningitis conclusion and proceeded to administer rounds of antibiotics. Normally, it takes several rounds of antibiotics to bring a healing response. However, in Pablo's case he had full recovery in one round of antibiotics. 

This is so highly unusual as to be considrered medically "impossible." Since the antibiotics did not have enough time to be effective, the only remaining conclusion is that this recovery was brought about by The Unseen Therapist. 

Claudio Savarin


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