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Spiritual Experiences

by Gary Craig
EFT Founder

I know it is a challenge for us to get our heads around The Unseen Therapist and truly appreciate the awesome levels of Her healing power. We can't see Her, touch Her or perceive Her with any of our senses. We can't see electricity either but we can see its effects by simply turning on a light switch.

Likewise, we can see Her effects by diligently practicing the Personal Peace Procedure given in my free e-book, The Unseen Therapist. Consider it a pathway to a new form of communication with our "spiritual healer within" that is destined to transform the entire healing field. The more results we get, the more our belief in Her grows. As I've said repeatedly, it's a matter of practice. At first we touch ourselves and those around us. Eventually, we Touch the World.

Another way to learn of our spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist) is to immerse ourselves in the experience of others. To this end, I display below Joan Athey's experience with the Divine. Note that she says, "I have the power to heal myself.  We have the power to heal ourselves."

Joan Athey's experience with the Divine:

Hello Gary: I am enthralled with the latest evolution of EFT.  Here is my experience briefly with "awakening."

On October 6, 1998 I was in a hotel room in Victoria, B.C., having completed a very successful week of special events for a client.  I woke up feeling deeply satisfied. But upon looking around I felt there was a sort of mist in the room. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, throwing my legs over the edge of the bed.

Immediately I was engulfed with a waterfall of love pouring down over me.  It was like an umbilical cord was between me and a universal power. I was surprised and laughed out loud. I thought "There IS a God!" The moment I had that thought I went from happy to joyous. I immediately knew the truth - that I had lived before and would live again.  And that it was true for all people.

I felt like the connecting energy I was experiencing was an invisible force that circles the earth and I had somehow hooked into it. That realization led to another level and my thought progression went like this: Next I felt whole.  What a feeling that was! Ecstasy swept over me. Every time I went up a notch in realization, the connection was felt from the Universe hooking up to my mid centre or belly button

Upon acknowledging ecstasy I had a strong message "I have the power to heal myself.  We have the power to heal ourselves."  Acknowledging that, I was swept into bliss.  Both ecstasy and bliss were states I had heard spoken about but had no idea what they felt like until then. The feeling of being unconditionally loved was profound.

I got dressed and, feeling astonished and residually spaced out by the experience, discovered that I loved everything that day. My eyesight was so acute. I could see the life force in flowers, rather like reported LSD experiences.

The life force was in everything.  Slowly it abated over a period of two weeks. I have not had it again but dearly would love to, now that I have studied it over the years. there is a book from the UK "Extraordinary experiences of the Divine by Ordinary People."  It showed me it is a common experience just not spoken of much for obvious reasons. Your Unseen Therapist method may help me to get back in touch, in rhythm, so I can truly bring it into being again and harness this universal power.  Thank you for setting it out so clearly.

Best wishes, Joan


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