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The Stairway To Miracles

Prayer With a Purpose


Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

"We need only learn to aim our prayers
at true cause to watch them answered
with remarkable regularity."


prayerToday we will explore prayer and will discover a way to get measurable results whenever we ask God (The Unseen Therapist) for help.

This is vitally important because prayer, as it tends to be practiced, doesn't seem to be very reliable... at least for most people. For example, someone might pray...

Dear God, please send
me a better relationship

...and then expect (hope) that the perfect romantic partner will walk in the door within a day or two. But, alas, it rarely works that way. In fact, that ideal relationship may never show up and, if it does, it may deteriorate in time and thus was never ideal in the first place.


Isn't God supposed to know everything and save us the time and hassle of wading through multiple relationships to finally find the "right one?" 

Well, maybe not. 

Perhaps we should, instead, be praying for help to eliminate our own contribution to failed relationships. 

Think about it.

Why should God send us an endless stream of ideal partners when, because of our own beliefs or unresolved stuff, we are likely to sabotage the efforts? 

So let's get behind this relationship topic with an example... a possible cause... and see if we can provide a more useful aim for our prayers. The specifics below may not exactly reflect your own experiences, but the idea should be universally acceptable for all prayers.

Let's use, as our model, a 13 year old boy, Johnny, who falls deeply in love with 13 year old Suzie. He thinks about her constantly and fantasizes about their future lives together. Suzie is everything to Johnny; his reason for living. He lovingly admires the way she walks, talks and breathes. He is so hopelessly involved that he can't imagine life without her.

Then one day Suzie calls it off. She now prefers Bobby and tells Johnny of her new love.


This hits Johnny hard... big pain. And, because of this "specific event" he "learns" that romantic relationships lead to massive heartache. Accordingly, he chooses to always be on guard and never lets anyone get emotionally close.

So, it is no wonder that Johnny's current relationships become crippled. He manages to blow them out of the water for fear of a "Suzie repeat" and then wonders why God seemingly ignores his prayers for a better relationship.

Now let's explore some common sense fundamentals of the prayer process and see if we can't help Johnny with his relationship dilemma. When we pray like this...

Dear God. Please send
me a better relationship

...we are aiming at the symptom (i.e. our relationships aren't working). This is an error. We are much better advised to aim at the cause of the problem which, in Johnny's case, is the sting he still feels from being dumped by Suzie. If we can resolve that sting then the Suzie event doesn't replay and, accordingly, no longer sabotages his future relationships. This results in enhanced freedom to explore the exquisite potential of a new romance. 

Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

In Optimal EFT terms, this is routine. Our prayers to The Unseen Therapist are typically aimed at the specific events in one's life (e.g. when Suzie dumped Johnny) that cause the larger problem. And each time we do this we climb a bit higher on The Stairway to Miracles.

The process is simple. Johnny (at his current age) recalls the earlier sting and rates its intensity as. let's say, an 8 on a 0-10 scale. Then we invite The Unseen Therapist to resolve it until it is at a very low number... or even zero. By reducing or eliminating this sting, the cause of his relationship sabotage fades into nothingness and we have, in moments...

a measurable answer
to our prayer.

I mean a debilitating emotional intensity vanishes in a matter of minutes... and it is easily measurable. It doesn't take weeks, months or years and you can't give the credit to anything except a properly aimed prayer. No pills nor any other man-made remedy were involved. The Unseen Therapist was simply asked to bring resolution to a past memory (specific event) and the prayer was immediately answered.

This is impressive by any standard and, properly understood, completely revolutionizes the whole prayer process. No longer do prayers need to go seemingly unanswered while God (The Unseen Therapist) gets a bad rap for being unattentive. We need only learn to aim our prayers at true cause to watch them answered with remarkable regularity. 

And this extraordinary result is not confined to relationship issues. It applies to every human problem including learning disabilities, anger, grief, guilt, fear, weight, abundance, diseases and healings of every kind. 

Prayer anyone?

e-hugs, Gary


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