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"Impossible" Healings

Rita Lee has "Impossible" Hearing Recovery

Note: This is Rita's second "Impossible" Healing. The first was an "impossible" vision recovery.

Also, There is a video interview with Rita at the end of this article.

Definition of impossible:

Where healing occurs beyond the typical reach of man-made methods. 

Hi Gary!

ImpossibleFirst of all, I'm an amateur at this but I have been following you since 2006 while I was searching for answers and natural healing on my sciatica.

I have read all your instruction, articles, newsletters and have viewed all your videos. My life has turned for the best. I am still doing my Personal Peace Procedures to date (boy! Do I have many specific events!) and try to practice healings on myself, my family, friends and co-workers. I spread EFT knowledge whenever I can.

Anyways, today I wanted to share an issue I resolved using the Unseen Therapist. I lost my hearing on my right ear sometime around 9 months ago and I tried EFT Tapping, but to no avail. Not that tapping wasn't working because my hearing would restore for a minute and then go back to no hearing!

I knew there was something that caused it but I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I was really desperate to find relief so I kept talking to God, Unseen Therapist and the Universe (I always asked them to guide me and thank them each time I performed healing) asking them to guide me in realizing why my hearing wasn't being restored. Then it came! Thinking back I realized that "my ear was trying to protect me from hearing bad news!"

I lost 2 very dear friends one back in the beginning of May and the other in July. Then came the bad news of my sister-in-laws Lung Cancer. One bad news after another and my right ear, which is the ear I used to talk on my cell phone, has shut down to protect me from all the grief!

So, I began inviting the Unseen Therapist to help me restore my hearing. I was full of grief without realizing it. One by one I invited Her to heal my grief on losing my two friends followed by my sister in law's Lung Cancer scare. Tuesday night, before leaving Chicago to go back home to Vegas, I had a healing session with the Unseen Therapist. On Wednesday morning I heard a "pop" in my ear followed by instant hearing fully restored!" I screamed of joy, "oh thank you God, Unseen Therapist and the Universe for helping me restore my hearing!" 

My hearing has been fine ever since. 

Best Regards, Rita



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