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More WOW Moments From A New OEFT Member

"She couldn't believe the pain that accompanied her for ten years just vanished like that."

Hi, Gary,

It's Jenny Ciccone again, your new OEFT student, with more WOW moments.

Here's one of my own OEFT healing experiences:

(during the session when I followed your video with Gary W. working on his eye issue.)

Immersing myself, as per your instructions, I worked on my throat constriction/back of neck stiffness and dull pain and had layers of remaining anger/resentment feelings revealed that contributed to my issues of "silent screaming" and "not being heard."

One moment the intensity and the pain went up to 8 - 9 (from 3-4) and then remained, not moving.

I didn't expect anything and invited The Unseen Therapist to keep working and provide insights and solutions. But, for several minutes, there was a blank in mind; nothing came up or changed.

Then, suddenly, I heard my voice in my mind: "I don't want to let it go, I refuse to give my voice anymore, why bother? I make my vow today; I'll lock my voice up. "

Wow! I knew that I might have made a vow in the past, but this was the first time I felt it. It's like I was in a real moment, even though it was not a specific event. I call it a spiritual moment from the past.

I immediately felt relief after realizing my inner resistance. Then both the stiffness and pains went down below three in a couple of minutes.

Here are some other OEFT experiences (without doing any tapping) with clients:

1) I worked with one lady on her left side pain, with only one OEFT session. I did EFT tapping before but didn't release it completely. OEFT brought up her feelings from an old incident right away. After releasing her emotions from a shocking moment, the pain went away. She described her experience as remarkable and amazing yet still had a bit of doubt. As she couldn't believe the pain that accompanied her for ten years just vanished like that. So far, after 20 days, she is still pain-free.

2) The other client (my EFT client) had severe left shoulder and arm pains and did all kinds of treatments, but nothing worked with lasting results.

She came with the heating pad during the first OEFT session. We had two big incidents revealed and released waves of anger, resentment, fear, and powerlessness that got stuck in her shoulders. Her arm pain went down from 9-10 to 2, and the shoulder pain went down from 8 to 2. And her shoulder shifted from being completely frozen to some movement.

Yet, at the end of the session, the arm pain level went back up to 6.

We worked on the arm pain during the next session and discovered a new aspect from the same incident revealed from the first session. After releasing more resentments, a new layer of fear showed up, directing her attention to her upcoming trip and her purpose in life at a deep soul level. After releasing the fear, the pains of both her left shoulder and arm went down to 1 -2. She realized she needed to do more practice to deal with her fear of running out of time.

I will keep working with her and observing her overall physical condition in the coming weeks.

3) I also used OEFT working on breath issues, jaw pain, TMJ symptoms for another client and got impressive results.

Thank you so much, Gary, for your work and your contribution to humanity in the world. I am so honored to be in your community, receiving your guidance directly, and going out to help others and fulfill my purpose.

I believe in miracles and trust I will have more to report.

I love OEFT!

Warmly, Jenny


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