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The Stairway To Miracles

"I'm in love with a butterfly"


Note: For best results, please read this series in the order presented in the accompanying left hand menu.

"There we were. Two committed souls, from widely different species, joined in a common healing goal."


Stairway to Miracles
The Stairway to Miracles

I didn't expect to fall in love, especially with a butterfly.

But I did and I'm still in love. It's not romantic love. It's much bigger than that. It's a Oneness love... the deeper kind that never goes away.

Here's the story...

A few years ago, on a sunny morning, I was running on a beach near my home. As I finished my run I noticed a flock of beautiful monarch butterflies (maybe 100 of them) landing on the wet sand just after the water had briefly receded.

It was a resplendent sight. Candy for the eyes. Their large orange and black wings opened and closed in a symphony of dancing color. A mesmerizing experience.

Then, as you might expect, the tide raced back up the wet sand and the butterflies instinctively took to the air in a glorious retreat.

All except one.

The water caught it, cascaded over its body, drenched its wings so that they were stuck together, and receded once again... leaving the butterfly helpless on the wet sand.

I quickly ran to its rescue, gently picked it up by its wings and walked us both higher up the beach to the dry sand. There I sat on a large piece of driftwood, placed the butterfly on my open hand and let go of its wings.

The butterfly could walk on my hand but it was severely handicapped because its wings were wet and stuck together. I thought about pulling the wings apart but feared that my large fingers would damage the delicate wings.

So I left it in my open hand and waited in hopes the sun would dry the wings and restore normalcy to my new friend.

That's when I fell love.

There we were. Two committed souls, from widely different species, joined in a common healing goal. For this to work, we both needed trust. I was determined to stay there for however long it took, trusting that the sun, nature, God (The Unseen Therapist) would do what was necessary. The butterfly was doing the same AND was trusting ME. I was much bigger than the butterfly and it could have run off my hand in fear.

Instead, it stayed as our joining was part of a loving, healing process. I can't speak for the butterfly but, for me, I entered a peaceful, focused state. Gone were the ricoheting thoughts in my head and all the concerns of this illusionary world. There was only a patient peace dedicated to the healing of my friend. I didn't have a name for The Unseen Therapist at the time but I can assure you She was present. You will know what I mean when your turn comes to experience this sort of thing.

As I said earlier, this was a Oneness love. As such, it was much grander than the human love we so consistently pursue. The butterfly and I had no expectations of each other. We weren't "trading love" (I'll love you if you love me). We were simply sharing a moment of grandeur where, again, all my worldly concerns faded into nothingness. And, while the butterfly seemed to be the immediate beneficiary, I urge you to accept that this kind of loving connection benefitted us both in ways that are not always instantly recognized. Further, that love has a transcendant way of affecting many others.

Perhaps, by this article, it is affecting you.

ButterflyIt took 20 or 25 minutes but the sun finally dried out my lovely friend's wings. They came apart (unstuck) and slowly flapped in readiness for flight. Moments later my friend took to the air with its freedom restored.

I sometimes wish my butterfly buddy would reappear so we could spend more time together. But, alas, butterflies don't live very long and thus our physical visit is not likely to happen.

That's OK. Our Oneness love transcends physical things. It brings radiant memories that stand out in the landscape of our existence.

Do we need butterflies to achieve this love? No. The opportunities are all around us. Join with someone in a healing task and you are on your way. That's what Optimal EFT and The Unseen Therapist are all about.

Make someone your butterfly.

Oneness love, Gary


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