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Questions and Answers

What To Do About My Anxiety And Pains?


I am an Indonesian in my late forties and have been having anxiety disorder for more than ten years. Sometimes it becomes worse and develops iinto OCD. I have had several therapies including EFT tapping sessions. I don't take much medication such as antidepressant or anxiety pills, because they usually cause side-effects like diarrhea and more serious anxiety.

Since I came to the US a month ago, I got pain in the back, left arm, and chest. 

I took EFT level 1,2,3 and even practitioner courses in Indonesia. Now I am trying to deal with the pain and anxiety about it with EFT tapping.  


Gary Craig logoFreedom is available.

Like you, many people have developed a string of anxiety-related issues, complete with physical pains and discomforts. On infrequent occasions, I have found the cause to be an allergic or sensitivity type reaction. I've seen cases where certain fabrics in one's clothes or a particular brand of underarm deodorant actually caused the anxiety and pains. Once we removed the offending substances, the problems disappeared. Finding such possible causes requires advanced training and is beyond the scope of this letter.

In most cases, however, these symptoms come from childhood experiences as well as various parental, religious and other hand-me-down beliefs. Fortunately, with proper skill, these can all be reduced to specific events in your life, e.g. The time when [who did what] and I felt [emotion]. And those specific can then be collapsed with EFT. That is what EFT does particularly well.

Obviously, I don't know these details in your case but I can point you to at least an intro approach that can get you started. Just read my free intro e-book on our latest advancement, Optimal EFT. It's called The Unseen Therapist and no longer involves tapping. Instead, it uniquely involves the spiritual dimension. More efficient. Deeper results. Near the end of the book, it provides you with a step-by-step Personal Peace Procedure. This should be very helpful for you. Here's the link. 

If you need more, you can either engage the services of a top-level EFT practitioner... or... join our Optimal EFT Course Membership where, through our unique immerse-ucation process, you can collapse them on your own. This latter process is transforming the way to learn EFT. Through it, you learn to immerse yourself into High-End recorded sessions so that (1) your education at these high levels “soaks in” while you (2) simultaneously gain dramatic benefits for your own issues.

However you choose to do it, the freedom that awaits you is priceless.

Cheers, Gary

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