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The Unseen Therapist Diagnoses And Resolves Major Hidden Issues

"Then came an avalanche of issues (diagnoses) and reliefs from The Unseen Therapist."

Gary Craig logoThis is essential reading for anyone interested in deep healing. It gives clear evidence that The Unseen Therapist provides invaluable diagnoses (without massively expensive equipment and tests) as well as resolving those issues without months or years of therapy, drugs, etc.

Virginia Castel-Srivastava is a Member of our Optimal EFT Course and, as such, is learning advanced ways of bringing the spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist) into the healing equation. Her client (and husband), Rupesh, has been burdened with limiting "not good enough" beliefs from a traumatic childhood that has affected his business, social and self-worth issues for decades.

I helped launch them with a Skype session and started with Rupesh's "I need to be perfect, or else" belief. With essential help from The Unseen Therapist, Rupesh gained relief from this issue and then Virginia took over. Then came an avalanche of issues (diagnoses) and reliefs from The Unseen Therapist. Here is how Virginia describes it.


Hello Gary, 

I just wanted to add some comments from the “therapist’s” point of view... 

After viewing the Skype recording twice in total, we had four more sessions in which we explored further issues as they came up... 

July 12th 

Presenting issue: “I don’t allow myself to have fun” / “I’m on alert for being needed or something bad happening” 

We worked on specific events from school... 

  • Teacher criticising poem for not rhyming.
  • “Monitor badge” (position of responsibility) taken away before time and friend’s was renewed.
  • Not given positions in plays, etc even if he had the skills.

 Confidence was tainted and Rupesh tried to fix it by trying too hard

0-10 intensity scores:

  • Sad 7
  • Shock 4
  • Sinuses 5
  • Chest tightness 4

After one round of working with the The Unseen Therapist, Rupesh had the insight : “That kid went through a lot” and felt a lot of compassion

He felt Divine Mother (Unseen Therapist) said:

  • “Don’t worry, I can see you. They can’t”
  • “Prove yourself to yourself”
  • Enjoy all you do. Find the fun. Don’t worry about how they measure you

New reframe: “Fun is inside myself, but I can’t express it. Something is holding me back”

All 0-10 intensity scores came down:

  • Sad 7 – 0 (happy, peaceful)
  • Shock 4 – 0 new angle
  • Sinuses 5 -1
  • Chest tightness 4 - 0

July 13th

A text message triggered Rupesh’s “right side” causing:

  • irritation and gas pain 10
  • "don’t know what to do” 10
  • Helplessness (“Don’t want to feel responsible, it’s unfair people make me responsible for their lives”) 10

After one round with The Unseen Therapist, Rupesh felt a strong resolve to be his own person and determination to live his life. He felt he was “smashing a glass ceiling” 

We did the “TV Guidance Channel” technique and he saw a giant with muscles. He had the vision of himself as “a giant in a small room” and he just needed to stand up to break the glass. When he stood up with arms open, the building split apart. Rupesh was in the open air with the inner knowing “I’ve got the power to break free.” 

He saw a colleague of his, who is very meek and does a subservient job in the kitchen feeling he couldn’t do better. Rupesh felt that if he didn’t break free he would lead a life of unhappiness. 

When tested, all original emotional intensities came down to 0. 

July 17th

Belief: I’m not strong enough to say “no.” 

We worked on a specific event from childhood when a friend asked to borrow money and didn’t give it back. 

Belief: “I have to do what people tell me so that they’ll be nice to me.” 

0-10 intensity scores:

  • Crossed 7/8
  • Foolish 7/8
  • Head pressure

After a round with The Unseen Therapist, Rupesh had the vision of “a lighthouse powered by a million candles” except he had given his candles away.

The insight (from Unseen Therapist) was, for Rupesh’s light to shine, he needed to gather the candles in one place. Instead, he had given his power away putting himself in the hands of others assuming they knew best. 

A recent memory came up.... ”I don’t’ remember you doing any of this” (he had worked hard on a voluntary project for 11 years). 

0-10 intensity scores

  • Incensed 8
  • Undervalued 9
  • Wasted my time 10
  • Lost faith 10
  • Hurt 10
  • Deceived 10

After a round with The Unseen Therapist, Rupesh had the insight from Divine Mother (Unseen Therapist).

  • “You were serving ME.”
  • “Stop looking at people for recognition”
  • Anger and frustration have been misplaced.


New 0-10 intensity scores:

  • Incensed 8 -0
  • Undervalued 9-0
  • Wasted my time 10-0
  • Lost faith 10-2/3 New aspect – no faith in self “Nothing I do is worthwhile”/ “I can’t do anything”
  • Hurt 10 - 0
  • Deceived 10-0 

One more round with The Unseen Therapist and “Nothing I do is worthwhile” came down to 0 

New Specific Event: “Rupesh didn’t know what career/job to follow as he felt useless.” 

All 0-10 intensity scores came down from 9/10 to 0/1 with a new insight “Trust ME, I’m guiding you.” 

July 20th 

Rupesh was triggered by a work colleague who “offered to support the elderly but in reality had his own agenda." 

Belief : “I’ve always believed in people / meritocracy but they’ve turned out to be rogues.” 

We worked on a specific event from childhood... “Friends cheated and lied when playing marbles.” 

After one round with The Unseen Therapist, all 0-10 intensity scores came down from 5/6/8 to 0. 

New insights:

  • 3 boys were in different levels of consciousness. All true to each level.
  • It’s a mistake to assume everyone is at the same level and operates from one place.
  • Colleague at work operates from his own level which is incompatible with Rupesh’s.
  • Stay in synchronicity with Divine Mother (The Unseen Therapist) and you won’t be alone. 

E-hugs, Virginia


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