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Spiritual Experiences

Dave Moore's Spiritual Experiences

 "It felt like I was in a bubble, protected from the outside world and that nothing could penetrate the bubble."

Hi Gary,

During my life as a child I experienced times when the world suddenly became wonderful for a few minutes, like you walk around the corner and suddenly you are filled with wonder. I am sure these fit the bill of spiritual experiences.

In 1976 I went to a lecture on Transcendental meditation and, shortly after, started the program. After the initiation and given the mantra for the process I went away to continue my practice.
The very next day I woke up feeling full of energy and ready to take on the world being ‘Full of beans’.

It didn’t take me long to realise that things were different. I had feelings of extreme bliss. It felt like I was in a bubble, protected from the outside world and that nothing could penetrate the bubble. Alt the time I was working on the construction of the Humber Bridge and the site cabin we were in had about 200 men in it. It would not have mattered if they all started harassing me at the same time, I don’t think it would have penetrated the bubble.

This state continued for about 2 weeks and then ended just as suddenly as it started but it left me with depression and extreme tiredness, as if I had burnt myself out. I continued sporadic meditation from that time on until I once again started in earnest again in 2002 when I met my teacher online.

In January 2005 I traveled to India to an ashram where I received shaktipat to awaken the Kundalini Shakti from an enlightened guru. My experiences were as follows.

On him touching my forehead I lay down as instructed and waited for any experiences. I was not in any sort of trance state but fully awake at all times. As I lay on my side my left hand moved involuntarily and laced on my heart chakra, and this was immediately followed by my right hand. As both hands were laced across my chest my body started to twist from side to side rotating from the hips into a frenzied shake. This went on for about 1/2 hr I think before the music they were playing ended and the shaking stopped.

After food I went to bed about 9.30 pm and sat down in a small armchair. As I was looking at the walls which were painted a light cream colour they suddenly changed to a dark crimson colour with embossed symbols in regular patterns. I closed my eyes for a second and when I reopened them the walls had returned to their original colour. The same shaking started again and continued until about 5:30 in the morning whereupon I went to sleep for about 1/2 hr before rising.

The shaktipat ceremony continued for another 3 days and each night was a similar experience with the shaking although it did lessen each night with a reduction in the amount of time it happened.

The other experiences each night were words coming into my head. The first time I awoke with feelings of bliss and the words came into my head ‘I am just giving you a taste of what total bliss feels like’. As the words ended then the bliss left me.

Another night I got the words in my head ‘Don't worry I will always be with you’ . 1 year later I was reading the biography of the senior guru who passed in 1994, in which it was said when he was in the USA in 1976, he would tell his followers when he was travelling away, ‘Don’t worry I will always be with you’. Another night I awoke I also got a smell of really strong roses although there were not any near and as I fully awoke the smell disappeared.

On the last day of shaktipat I fell over from my sitting position before I had chance to lay down. After a while my left hand came up to my shoulder and was pulling me into the floor very powerfully and as much as I tried to relax and let go I could not. I felt like I had an energy blanket pinning me to the floor and when my teacher asked me to get up I couldn’t. She had to help me off the floor and it was like doing press-ups to get up.

Love & Light,



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