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Questions and Answers

What Are The Benefits of Optimal EFT (OEFT)?

A Comparison with EFT Tapping 

Here is a much requested comparison that highlights some important features of our advancement, Optimal EFT (OEFT). 

1. More efficient:

BenefitsOEFT can do everything EFT Tapping does... and more. Once mastered it is far more efficient. Anyone can do it. 

2. Love immersion: 

OEFT blends in the healing power of the spiritual dimension. Love is the ultimate healer and, through OEFT, we learn to immerse ourselves within it. Fabulous experience... and one that continually grows. By contrast, EFT Tapping tends to be mechanical in nature.  

3. No tapping involved: 

OEFT avoids the "strange look" of EFT Tapping in that it does not involve tapping at all. It is much more "therapy like" in its appearance and is easily accepted. The spiritual element is easily adopted by all religions. Non-denominational.  

4. Flexibility: 

OEFT includes "Conversational EFT" wherein you can apply the healing power of The Unseen Therapist while engaging in an everyday discussion with someone else. Allows major flexibility.  

5. Deeper results: 

OEFT is much deeper in its results. For example, people using EFT Tapping often report feeling "calmer." By contrast, many people using OEFT report feeling "at peace." This is a much deeper experience than "calmer."  

6. Saves time: 

OEFT, because it uses the vast wisdom of the spiritual dimension (The Unseen Therapist), can often save weeks or months of detective work. As you learn to ask Her guidance (major skill), you can use Her ultimate intgelligence to find solutions to challenging issues that often escape EFT Tapping. She knows far more than you and I will ever know.  

7. Consistent teaching: 

OEFT is consistently taught by only one source... the EFT Founder and his appointed "Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers." This way it cannot be modified by hundreds of others the way EFT Tapping has. The advanced training​ includes both Optimal EFT and the proper version of EFT Tapping.   

8. Improve personal effectiveness: 

OEFT can dramatically shift your personal effectiveness in this world in a way that EFT Tapping cannot. With advanced love as your foundation, you walk lighter and with elevated confidence. 

9. Sophisticated science: 

OEFT utilizes quantum physics, our most sophisticated science. EFT Tapping ignores it. 


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