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Unexpected benefits from The Unseen Therapist

Hi Everyone,

Listen in as Anne Ryan (from Ireland) shows us how The Unseen Therapist can show up in unexpected ways.


Hi Gary, 

We met on Skype a couple of weeks ago during an Optimal EFT group session. In our discussion I said that there are times recently that the Tapping form of EFT can feel  "crude," at least in comparison to Optimal EFT. Not that EFT Tapping isn't effective... properly used, it certainly can be. And sometimes it is spectacular. But there is something mechanical about it that misses the loving depth available with The Unseen Therapist.

Along these lines I have found that some clients are not ready for direct spiritual access with The Unseen Therapist. Too spiritual for them, it seems, In those cases I do the EFT Tapping and silently invite in The Unseen Therapist to assist in the tapping session. This, I find, enhances our results. 

For example, last night I had a client who came for EFT Tapping. We had a beautiful session working on her freeze response in situations of conflict with her (romantic) partner. We found a specific event, used the movie technique and she had many, many realizations and cognitive shifts during the hour session. She is new to EFT Tapping but has had lots of counselling over the years. At the end she felt such compassion for someone who was part of the specific event and it was visible how her heart was expanded and so full of love. This extraordinary compassion represents a depth of healing not commonly found when doing EFT Tapping without The Unseen Therapist. 

The other thing that I would like to share is I was on the Optimal EFT  group call with you and others in behalf of "Amy" (name withheld for privacy reasons). During one of the rounds with the Unseen Therapist, following your guidance, I put all of us and Amy into the golden ball (as One) and felt a huge blast of love from the center of the ball. I felt my heart opening  and FULL of love. It felt that in that state my heart could never be ill or diseased. It felt absolutely perfect. GC COMMENT: It is this state of perfect love (i.e. The Unseen Therapist, where disease is impossible) that we are drawing upon within our Optimal EFT process. We may not always be aware of it, but it is there in the background awaiting our readiness.

Love and blessings,

Anne Ryan


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